Saturday, August 20, 2016

Banner Quotes: Durango Edition 2016

Banner:  "Okay Jeep! We gotta' lot of superhero books. Which one you gunna' choose?"

"Mama, take my picture standin' on this rock."

Neither here nor there, but am I the only person who didn't
realize it was Neapolitan ice cream, not NapolĂ©on?  Anyone?

Banner:  "Maybe Schafer will love you when she grows up, mama."

Banner:  "Hey! My room has one of those log things too!"

(Note:  It's a log cabin)

Banner: "I can really smell it."
Jeep: "Smell what?"
Banner: "Your coffee."

"But the map says we need to go over there!"

Banner:  "Daddy! Do I have to keep my underwear on?"
Trevor: "Yes!"
Banner:  "Okay, I will."
[Two seconds later...]
"They're off!"

Banner:  "Mom, is daddy going to get your cake?"
Jeep: "Yes, but it is a secret, Banner.  Don't tell mommy!"
Banner:  "Oh, okay. Shhhhhhhh!"

[Then in a LOUD whisper to jeep...]

Banner:  "I'm going to detect mama."

(Note:  He meant "protect".)

Banner:  "I can hold the Randells."

(Note:  He meant "handrails".)

Banner:  "Quick! Tip-Top so the monsters can't hear us!"

(Note:  He meant "Tip toe".)

Banner:  "Mama, I'm cooler than you."
Me:  "Oh really?"
Banner:  "Yeah. I mean, just look at me!"

Banner:  "I'm sorry my mommy kicked you, little rock. Mom, why'd you kick Kevin?"


Banner thinks he mastered skipping rocks in Durango because, when he throws a fist full of pebbles all in at once, there are lots of "skips".

Trevor: "Look! There's a guy on a bicycle."
Banner: "Yep! He is trying to catch up to the Olympics!"
(Later when he saw a larger guy on a bike...)

[In a whisper] "Mama, I don't think he's gunna' make it."

"Mama, take my picture sittin' right here on this bench."

Me: [Sneezes]
Banner: "Mama! Be careful! You actually scare me!"

Banner: "Booty, booty!"
Me: "That's enough of the potty talk."
Banner: "That's not potty talk, mommy. That's Spanish."

Banner thinks puddles after the rain in Colorado are called "mirrors".

Scott: "See that blue pad? That's where I sleep when I go car camping."
Banner: "Camping? With who?"
Scott: "My friends!"
Banner: "What friends?"

Banner - 0; Mountain - 1

[Noticing him having a hard time buttoning his shirt]
Me: "Ban, do you need help?"
Banner: "No."
Me: "Are you sure?"
Banner: "No."

"I'm not tired.  I'm really not."

The kid kept putting avocados in his hiking pack.

Banner:  "36, 37, 38, 39, 80! We are here!"

Banner:  "Daddy just wants me to be careful so I don't die."

Banner:  "Mommy you want to play with us? We are having delicious fun."

Schafer learned to say no in Colorado.  It quickly, at fourteen months, became her favorite word.


Banner:  "Are there schools in Durango?"

Banner:  "Mama look at all my rocks! I'm so good at finding awesome rocks. Mama, why you no good at finding good rocks?"

And juuuuust for good measure, my favorite lil dude singing his favorite Christmas song.  In August.
Love him so.