Saturday, July 18, 2015

On Yum and CEO's wedding...

Because sometimes the best way to remember an event is through the words of a three year old:

Banner: "I going to be in the wedding?"
Me: "Yes, buddy. You are going to be the ring bearer."
Banner: "The ring bear?"
Me: "Ring bearer."
Banner: "I ring the bell and become the man?"

Banner: "Yum and CEO are going to get married?"
Me: "Yes. Just like mommy and daddy."
Banner: "I get married too?"
Me: "Maybe one day when you are an adult."
Banner: "Mama, I'm already an adult. It's what happens when you no a baby anymore."

Banner: "Charlie go to the wedding?"
Me: "No, not Charlie."
Banner: "But Charlie my very best friend. We always go to weddings together!"
Me: "I think Charlie might miss his mommy."
Banner: "No he won't because he will be with me!"

Banner: "What's a tuxedo?"
Me: "It's a very nice suit you wear to weddings."
Banner: "You mean like a hat, a sweatshirt and a red dress?"

On noticing my manicure I got for the wedding...
Banner: "Mama! Your nails! Finally! They so pretty! You look like a girl! Don't you feel better now?"

Text to Claire:  "Banner is really excited about meeting your nephew. Keeps referring to him as his new best friend. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he thinks his name is 'burp'. #notsurehowtofixthis"