Sunday, March 05, 2017

Valentine's Day...

The Saturday before Valentine's Day was a big day.  Well, actually it was rather ordinary in terms of Saturdays but then BIG things happened.  Namely, my little guy scored his first basket in a basketball game.

Why is that significant? 

Because we had to lie about Banner's age so he could play (the YMCA mandates that players be 5 by November 1st, but Banner didn't turn 5 until January), and basketball requires so much more coordination than, say, soccer.  I had never thought about it before, but dribbling is a legit skill.  As is shooting a relatively large ball overhand into a smallish hoop perched high up in the air.

I've posted this video before, but this is how the season started:


We've spent the last couple of months working on dribbling and moving forward (at the same time), and have seen definite improvements in that department:

Coach Paul's goal is to have every boy score at least once in a game, but we are rapidly nearing the end of the season.  And Banner...well, Banner gets so frustrated.  I was starting to worry it wouldn't happen.
But then it did:
Riding that post-score high, Banner left the court at the end of the game, walked right up to his buddy, Nolan's, big sister (she's in 2nd grade), and professed his love for her.  I didn't witness it, but Nolan's parents did and told me about it.
Cut to the end of basketball season party, when the entire team (and their families) was invited over to one of the player's houses to play, eat pizza and celebrate.  Nolan's big sister was there, and - kid you not - Banner ignored his teammates for most of the party in order to follow her around like a puppy.  They played pushy-pushy on the swing, tag, slid down the slide - if she was doing it, Banner was right there at her side.  Funny thing was that you could tell that she enjoyed the attention...if for no other reason then she was the oldest at the party with a bunch of five year old boys.  I'm sure if it hadn't been for Banner, she would have spent most of the party playing by herself.
Of course, it sort of backfired in the end.  When it was time to leave, Banner was devastated because he "didn't get to play with my basketball friends, yet". 
At least Banner hasn't succumb - like many of the other boys on his team - to that whole "girls are gross/have cooties" phenomena?