Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things they don't tell you in parenting school...

Banner is a hungry baby, and when he wants to be fed, he wants to be fed NOW.  So imagine what it would look like if I was going too slow, and Banner grabbed the spoon in an effort to speed things along.

Got that mental image?


Now picture what it would look like after I tried to regain some semblance of authority over the situation by prying the spoon out of my baby's surprisingly strong grasp. And, while I was distracted by regaining control over said eating utensil, Banner made a play for the bowl, grabbed a handful of oatmeal and shoved it in his face.

You, my friends, would be left with this:


And because I am a complete idiot, I bathed the little monster BEFORE giving him cereal.  Which means he had oatmeal stuck in his peach fuzz for a full twenty four hours until his next bath.  Daycare must think I am the parent of the year.

Not pictured:  What my person, clothes and living room looked like after this experience.  I'll leave that up to your imagination.  I am going to cover my house and furniture in plastic.

Monday, June 25, 2012

First solids...

It took awhile because I went to the top of Mount Crazy after someone mentioned to me that feeding my baby rice cereal would cause him to be obese and diabetic later in life, but I finally got around to feeding Banner his first solids.

And by "I" I really mean "Trevor", because he was the one who mixed the baby oatmeal with breast milk on Sunday morning, brought it back to where I was attempting to nurse Banner in bed and essentially said, "So, we are doing this now, okay?" And, well, he wasn't really asking as much as telling me.

This is totally fair because it isn’t like the kid wasn’t ready to enter the wild, wild world of solid food. Banner actually tried to take the situation into his own hands over the weekend by making a play for my sandwich bread. And, boy, is he FAST when motivated. Before I knew what was happening, he grabbed a slice right off my plate and - if it hadn't been for Trevor – was nanoseconds from his first taste of white bread and mustard at the DCC.

Poor baby. We ruin all his fun.

Sunday was also momentous because it was officially the last time I am going to nurse Banner. I didn't plan it that way, but the little guy bit the heck out of my nipple and drew blood. Not to be deterred, though, I tried again. And again. And again. And, well, in the process, I learned two things:

1. Banner is incapable of not biting me. He isn't being malicious. He knew he was doing something wrong and hurting mommy. He just couldn't connect the dots to prevent from doing it again.

2. I gasp when having my nipple gnawed upon. A noise that Banner isn’t a big fan of, apparently.

So, basically, here is the scenario: Banner would bite me, I'd gasp and Banner would cry because my sudden intake of air had scared him. Repeat this scenario ten or fifteen times, and you have me wincing and pleading with him not to bite me every time I offer him my boob. But, because I am stubborn, I WASN’T GOING TO LET SOMETHING LIKE A LITTLE SEARING PAIN AND BLOOD KEEP ME FROM BREAST FEEDING MY BABY.

Until, well, Banner decided for me by refusing to latch. He had had enough.

So, yeah, from now on: BOTTLE.


Here are the photos:

Trying to eat the bowl.


After we'd cleaned him up.

Also, if you are REALLY interested, here are two videos documenting the experience.  He cries in the first one because he is still traumatized by my gasping.  The oatmeal quickly makes up for it, though:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

An evening with Grandpa Buddy...

The Urban Dash...

Trevor, my brother and our friend Corbin have gotten really into these obstacle course races around Dallas.  It all started with the Down and Dirty at the beginning of the month in Cedar Hill, and has blossomed with the three of them signing up for various races all over the metroplex at the absolute hottest time of the year.

They think braving the heat makes them manlier.  I think it just makes them a$$hats. 

At least the Urban Dash didn't involve mud.  Because as MUCH
fun as that load of laundry was following the Down and Dirty...

Normally, this sort of thing is right up my alley (despite the heat), but I've been so chronically ill lately that training has been futile.  Of course, the mud runs appeal to me more than races like the Urban Dash (despite the laundry), because I refuse to participate in anything involving a "dumpster dive".  Especially at Fair Park.  I have my limits.  Because even if it is lined and not (currently) full of garbage, it is still a freaking dumpster.  And, well, ew.

Although, said dumpster dive worked out in Trevor's favor.  Apparently, several girls got stuck in the dumpster and needed a boost to get out.  Wouldn't you know that my husband was right there and more than willing to lend a helping hand?  I'm sure Trevor would have elected to stay in the dumpster forever had the wave of hot college coeds in tight spandex not given way to middle aged men. 

Poor Trevor.  All good things must come to an end.

Banner and I went along to cheer on the racers, which would have been substantially more fun if it hadn't been in the mid 90s at 9 AM.  Trevor had gotten his mini me ready that morning, but didn't bother to put sunscreen on him because he "didn't think about it".  Apparently, sunscreen doesn't cross my husband's mind before noon unless he is at a pool or climbing a mountain.  Luckily, I caught the lapse in paternal judgment and Trevor was able to borrow a can of sunscreen for Banner from a wonderful lady manning one of the booths.  I've never been more grateful to see SPF in my life.  Trevor dodged a bullet on that one.  As did Banner's neon white legs.

(Speaking of which: wonder what happened to the TWO bottles of baby sunscreen that used to be in the diaper bag?  Hmmmmmm...must remedy that sooner than later.)

Anyway, the good news is that all the guys had a blast and no one was bleeding or otherwise in need of stitches, crutches or a tetanus booster at the end of the race. 

Like American Ninja Warrior, but different.

The rest of the afternoon was spent indoors trying to recover from the heat of the morning.  Well, that is until Saturday night when Trevor and I attended an OUTDOOR wedding downtown.  Luckily, the ceremony was fifteen minutes long, the bride looked absolutely stunning (despite the heat and floor length gown) and the reception venue was heavily ACed.  Glorious!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Reporting in...

Another update of all the little stories, tidbits and photographs involving the B-Man:

My little pork chop!

Banner is obsessed with my iPhone.  Not only does it look like something he'd really enjoy gnawing on, it also makes random noises.  And sometimes there is nothing like a little FaceTime with Auntie Mimi to help soothe the savage beast.  He loves looking at himself on the screen!

Yep.  Butt still in air.

Banner is such a flirt, and I just melt every time he flashes his little, crooked smile in my direction!

He is also obsessed with tags.  As in tags on clothing, tags on his sheet savor, tags on his activity mat, tags on his blankets, bibs and burp cloths.  The kid just likes tags.

Sophie the Giraffe is the best teething invention EV-VER.  Banner is a big fan.  
He now has one for school and one for home.  And woe is the baby that tries to touch his Sophie at daycare!

Banner weighs more than many of the other babies at daycare that are much older than he is, and everyone is always commenting on how strong he is.  His teachers think he is going to grow up to be an athlete.  He is definitely determined.  

He is also VERY protective of his mommy.  The other day, when I went to pick up Banner from daycare, another baby crawled over and wanted me to pick him up.  Ban had seen me come into the classroom, and started to wail when he saw the other baby make a play for his momma.  I went and picked him up out of his crib, dried his little tears and assured him that I would never trade him for any one else.  He calmed down, but wouldn't stop staring at the other baby and giving him the stink eye. 

Speaking of teeth, do you see his two little chompers above?
(please disregard the giant pile of dry-cleaning in the background)

Banner is working on one of his upper, front teeth now, and it has been a doozy.  Pain and swollen gums have actually made our little bambino uncharacteristically fussy, and even daycare called me at the office to tell me about it (I could hear the little guy screaming in the background, which just about broke my heart).  Thanks to the new FDA warnings regarding benzocaine, our pediatrician does not recommend the use of anything like Orajel or teething tablets to ease Banner's discomfort.  Instead, we are giving him lots to chew on (he LOVES the frozen teethers) and Tylenol when the pain gets really bad (which it hasn't yet, but at least it is available if necessary).  Poor baby.  Teething really is no fun!

Wiggle worm.

He is still growing like a weed.  Everyone comments on how LOOOOOONG he is.  The bad news is that all of the nine month sleepers I just bought him are fitting perfectly from the get-go.  I have a feeling we won't be in them very long at this rate.  But it really is only a length issue, because his sixth month shorts are still too big in the waist and thighs.  Banner has his daddy's skinny legs and nonexistant buttocks.  I've said it before, but baby suspenders would be perfect for our little guy.

The two pictures above are self portraits that Banner took of himself using my iPhone. 
I don't know why it looks like he is wearing lipstick and gloss.

Banner is not interested in taking naps recently.  I mean, he will sleep, but only for twenty or thirty minutes at a stretch (if we are lucky).  He is just too busy and always wants to be moving, doing or otherwise exploring something.  This has resulted with him wanting to go to bed at 7:30 instead of the usual 8 PM, which is really cutting into mommy/daddy time with him after work.  We miss our baby!

Sweet angel.

Daycare reported last week that Banner was caught making out with Emma.  Hehe...well maybe not "making out" per say, but they kept smiling at each other and trying to give the other baby kisses.  Banner's first girlfriend.

I love his little tush!

One of his teachers also told me that Banner is quite stealthy now that he is mobile.  She didn't realize he had learned to army crawl (or that he had teeth!) and had her back to him while playing with another baby on the floor.  All of a sudden, she felt something bite her hand.  When she looked down, she was surprised to see Banner (who, just moments before, had been halfway across the room) at her side demonstrating how sharp his new little teeth are on her finger.  Stinker.

Tummy Time!

Army crawling is no longer fast enough for Banner to get from point A to point B, so he has added rolling to the mix.  According to his teachers, he rolled himself clear across the room yesterday afternoon to get where he was going.  Apparently, it was quite the (funny) sight.  He looked like a tumbleweed.  

Four more reasons why I love Banner's daycare. 
They are pretty ballsy, too, and will waddle right up to you.

Banner has started working on his D, G and B noises in addition to all his vowel sounds and coos.  He now "talks" all the time.  Sometimes even in his sleep.

Banner flirting with the baby in the mirror.
Much to my dismay, I've been sick AGAIN.  Started feeling off with yet another sore throat on Saturday, fever Sunday and horrible nausea, chills and body aches by Monday evening.  Luckily, it was short lived and I started to rebound by Tuesday, but none of this bodes well for my chronic sinus infection that I just can't seem to shake.  I am crossing my fingers that it was an unrelated virus or something, and not the continuation of the same pattern that I've been dealing with since April.  Because:  C'mon immune system!

It has also taken a giant toll on my milk production.  All week, I've been lucky to get 3-5 ounces at a time (I used to easily get 8-14 a couple of months ago).  We've almost completely exhausted my frozen milk supply, and were (sniff, sniff) forced to start supplementing with formula on Wednesday, June 20th.  So much for my goal of having Banner exclusively breast fed for six months!  Although, he DID turn 24 weeks on Wednesday morning.  4 goes into 24 a total of 6 times, so I'm going to claim victory any way.  Hey, you got to take what you can get, right?!

Speaking of formula, we are going with Similac Advanced for no other reason than it was what Banner ate for a day and a half while in the hospital to help treat his jaundice before my milk came in.  Whenever he has formula instead of breast milk, Trevor calls it his "milkshake".  I call it "junkfood".  I was worried Banner might refuse to eat it, but he didn't even acknowledge that he tasted a difference.  He just downed nine ounces in a blink of an eye.  Apparently, that boy is just like his dad and will eat anything when hungry. 

Still it is sad.  Up until 7 PM on Wednesday, my body was solely and directly responsible for every little ounce on that little guy's body since his conception (well, except for those few ccs of Similac he got at Baylor).  I don't know how much he weighs at the moment, but I am going to guess it is somewhere around 18 pounds.  I did that.  I'm not a big fan that I now have to start sharing some of the credit with Similac, even if I know it was inevidable.  Plus, I really need to introduce solids.  Banner is more than ready.  Daycare even reports that he's staring like a starving puppy at the other babies when he sees them experiment with solids.  And one of the other moms gave me a bunch of organic baby food that her daughter is no longer interested in.  She couldn't believe that Banner hadn't tried cereal yet.  Sigh, maybe this weekend.

I'm planning to continue to pump and nurse Banner.  Of course, a lot depends on whether or not the infection returns and I have no choice than to take the not-nursing-friendly antibiotics.  Or if my milk just dries up.  Since I've been sick for so long, this really feels like a possibility.  No matter what I do, I just can't seem to get my production back up to preinfection levels.  I'll pump on HIGH for 45+ minutes, nurse all weekend, etc., and see no marked improvement.  Disheartening, but I am trying to take solace in the fact that I've done my very best and Banner is healthy and happy.

Plus, the pediatrican says that as long as I can continue to provide him with at least one bottle of breast milk a day, Banner will continue to receive the immune support and benefits of a breastfed baby.  So, that is my new goal:  AT LEAST ONE BOTTLE A DAY FOR AS LONG AS I CAN KEEP IT UP.

And, well, that's really it for now, but I'll wrap this entry up with a video of Banner playing with his daddy and Gran last night.  Happy Friday, everyone!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cars, hail and why I needed a do over last week...

So remember how Trevor’s car was damaged during the storm back at the beginning of April? Well, he JUST got it back two weeks ago. Nearly $10,000 in damage was done, and they had to order him a new roof from Japan. These things apparently take awhile.

In the interim, Trevor has gone through a series of rental cars. The first one had to be returned after someone rear-ended him while he was at a dead stop in traffic on I-35. And the second didn’t fair much better after Trevor backed it into the garage and a rock flew up and cracked the windshield (separate incidents, but still indicative of the car luck Trevor has had lately). So, obviously, it was my turn.

Last Tuesday, I was stopped at a red light less than a quarter of a mile from my house when Banner choked in the backseat. In my mind I was imagining the worst possible scenarios (I always do), so it should come as no surprise that I immediately reacted to the noise by turning around to help. And, well, I guess my foot must have come off the break because the next thing I knew I had coasted into the car in front of me.

Scared. Me. To. Death.

Honestly, I’m not sure what frightened me more: Banner choking, hitting the car in front of me or realizing that I had just reacted without thinking to the baby in the backseat. Before, I had always told myself that I would calmly pull over, park, etc. before seeing to Banner. After all, it wouldn’t do either of us any good if I got into an accident going 70 mph on the freeway. But there I was operating a motorized vehicle - even if I was stopped at a red light – and I didn’t think. I just DID. Makes you wonder what I would have done in another situation.

Seriously. I shudder at the thought.

The accident was very minor. Barely left a scratch on the white Nissan in front of me. Of course, it was a NEW car, though, so the owner was quick to report it to my insurance agency.

My car, on the other hand, sustained no damage at all except a slightly bent license plate. Oh, how I wish it were the other way around!

Or I did until Wednesday happened.

Because Hump Day came with an unexpected, severe storm – complete with torrential rain, wind and HAIL. I was at the gym when it hit, which was weird because when I got out of my car at 5:40, the skies were clear. By the time I changed clothes and got on the elliptical at 5:50 it was lightening everywhere. At 6, the power to the gym was knocked out followed by the first round of hail 6:15.

Baby hail from the first round.

But the first round of hail was just a teaser. At 6:30 the second round hit with golf ball and egg size ice chunks. Everyone in the gym stepped out on the balcony and watched helplessly as our cars were pummeled from above. Several windows were knocked out, including my friend Emily’s. She had just gotten her car back after a vandal threw a brick through her windshield, only to have the glass knocked out for a second time due to hail. Worse still, she lives two houses down from my old house in Lakewood, which was kind of ground zero for the worst of the storm damage.

This was nothing compared to what it looked like in Lakewood 
(just south of where this video was recorded)

Luckily, my windows survived the hail even if my hood, roof and frame are now pockmarked with dents. Same for my mother-in-law, who, thinking the first round of hail was it, was on the road for the second wave. She was smart, though, and pulled over. I have a friend that was driving in it that was showered with glass as her windshield shattered in her face. Similarly, my coworker’s neighbor had her nose broken by ice as she tried to make it from her car into her house after the hail knocked out her sunroof. And several others that were safely tucked away indoors, including my sister and my boss, lost the skylights in their homes. So, obviously, I was fortunate. It could have been much, much worse.

My brother-in-law's car.

The hail even shattered his passenger side mirror and the surrounding plastic.

Still the whole thing was scary. Trevor had just picked up Banner from daycare and the sound of the hail on Trevor’s roof sent the little guy in to hysterics (I’m sure Trevor wasn’t much better since, again, he had JUST got his car back from the last major hail event in North Texas). And having so many insurance claims back to back this spring – even if almost all of them (except mine) were acts of God or completely out of our control – have us concerned that our rates will either go up where we can no longer afford insurance or they may cancel our policy altogether. Never mind that the last accident I was in was back in 1996, and it wasn’t my fault (despite the fact that I was 16 at the time, and driving was absolutely terrifying). Trevor and I have already decided to reimburse our insurance agency for my little fender bender. It sounds like it will only be $200 or $300, which is much, much less expensive than a premium hike. Plus, it apparently erases it from my record with the company. Not sure if I believe that, but at this point I am desperate.  Because FIVE insurance claims for two people in three months is a bit much.

Since my car didn’t lose any windows, it will probably be a week or two before the dealership calms down enough to be able to give me an estimate on the damage. Same goes for our roof. The roofers are going to work us in as soon as possible, but it could take awhile with all the other damage around us.

Pictures of hail in our front yard AN HOUR after the storm had passed.

Keep in mind that it is June. In Texas. And the temperatures were in the 90s.

The (sort of) good news is that it is June, and it usually stops raining for the summer around the solstice. But this is Texas, and – really – anything can happen. And as I type this I swear I just heard thunder.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day...

Trevor's first Father's Day card from Banner:

At first, I thought Banner had misspelled "soul", but then Trevor pointed out that it was "sole", like the bottom of his feet.  Only five and a half months, and already making a play on words.  Smart boy.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Here's to the next ten years...

Our first picture together at the old Barley House.

Ten years ago today, Trevor and I went on our first date.  I was twenty one, had just graduated from college and was living at home before moving to DC in the fall for graduate school.  Trevor was twenty five, had just started working at GMAC and was the proud owner of a new Chevy Trailblazer.  He still claims that it was that it was the champagne colored SUV that swept me off my feet.

It was actually his hair.  

(Just kidding)

(Sort of)

I've always maintained that our real anniversary was June 9th, because that was the night I asked him out.  It was 4:30 in the morning, and we had been chatting all evening.  I was tired, and it was obvious that he was never going to get around to asking me so I saved him the trouble.  Never in a million years would I have imagined that we'd still be together a decade later - much less married with a kiddo.  Guess it was a good decision to give him my number all those years ago...even if he had completely nonsensical "man rules" about calling me within so many days.

Wow, we look so young.

We've had our ups and downs, but the last ten years have been some of the happiest of my life.  In a very real sense, we've grown up together.  Trevor can (generally) calm me down and keep me from flying off the deep end, and I like to think that I might be part of the reason why Trevor now shows his teeth when he smiles.

I love you baby!  Thank you for being my bestie. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The weekly update and then some...

Took the B-Man to the vet pediatrician on Thursday to check his ear and make sure the infection had cleared up (it had), and learned two things:

1.  My little porkchop is now weighing in at just over 17 pounds.
2.  I am the worst mother EV-VER.

Why you ask?  My baby has TEETH.  As in plural.  Not just one, but BOTH of his lower front teeth have broken through the gum.  AND I HAD NO IDEA!

To be fair, I told Trevor I thought I felt a sharp ridge just under the surface last Sunday.  Plus, the doctor said that they probably only broke through in the last twenty four hours or so, but OMG.  How did I miss that?!

In other news, I am working on a list of things NEVER to say to a new mom.  They are similar to my lists of things never to say to a pregnant lady, but are mainly geared towards letting me know that whatever I am doing (or not doing) as a new mother will probably cause my son to fail in dramatic fashion at the game of life later on.  For example:

1.  "You can't feed your son rice cereal!  It will make him obese and give him diabetes!"

This little tidbit is the main reason why Banner has yet to try solids.  He is more than ready, though.  He now cries when he sees someone else eat in front of him and is obsessed with watching us chew and swallow.  He just can't understand why we won't share.  Even daycare has noticed, and a note came home with Banner earlier this week asking when he'd be bringing cereal to school with him.  Apparently, some babies aren't ready for solids until six months, but Banner isn't one of those.  And, yet, I hesitate because OBESITY!  DIABETES!

2.  "If you don't breastfeed for at least a year, you might as well not do it at all."

This is fantastic because there is a pretty good chance that I am going to have to stop nursing Banner in the very near future. I have some sort of antibiotic resistant bacterial infection.  Remember how I was sick a month ago?  And last weekend?  And the week before that?  Yeah, same thing and I can’t seem to shake it. The good news is that it doesn’t seem to be contagious (no one else has gotten it, not even my coworkers, Trev or baby). The bad news is that the only way they can cure it is for me to stop nursing and give me “the good drugs”. I even got a second opinion from a different doctor AND asked my pediatrician just in case he disagreed with the other two (he didn't).  As a last resort, I’m currently on a Z Pack, but the doctor told me that there is only a 20%-30% chance that it will resolve my particular kind of infection. If it doesn’t, I am out of options unless I want to continue to be chronically ill.  And as much fun as it has been...

And it isn't like I can just pump and dump on the not-nursing friendly super antibiotic.  Well, I guess I could try, but I'd be dumping for WEEKS.  Plus, all this not feeling well has already coincided with a dramatic decrease in my milk production (doctors say it is my body's way of trying to focus on fighting the infection). I’ve been dipping in to my frozen stores with more and more frequency despite an effort to pump/nurse MORE.  It is all very disheartening.  And then there are the clogs and plugged ducts, which have recently been a giant problem for me (again, despite regular pumping/nursing). To increase production and relieve a clot last week, I actually managed to make my nipple bleed.  FUN.  Basically, if the Z Pack doesn't clear up this infection, I'm throwing in the towel.  Or, as one of my doctor's said over the phone on Tuesday, she'll come over and bind my breasts for me to ensure that I stop.  How do you argue with that?

3.  "Mothers that really love their kiddos make their own baby food."

Really?  Because I can't cook to feed myself, and I don't want to turn Banner off of food forever by attempting something at which I have no skill.  Plus, homemade purees and baby food aren't allowed at daycare.  Just the store bought stuff.

4.  "Not feeding your baby organic baby food is just plain irresponsible."

Seriously?  Guess it is a good thing I live relatively close to a Whole Foods then.  And can afford it.  But, really, whatever happened to good ole Gerber?  I ate the stuff and I turned okay. Zeesh. 

5.  "Your baby has an ear infection?  In June?  And he isn't even six months yet?  This significantly increases the chances he will need tubes later on."

Because I don't have enough to worry about.

6.  "Children with mothers that stay home with them are happier and better adjusted."

If I stay home, I won't be able to afford organic baby food from Whole Foods, which will make me irresponsible.  I can't win.

7.  "I would never let me baby suck on a pacifier."

Well, good for you.  Just so happens that the hospital recommends them when the baby sleeps to prevent SIDS.  And when I tried to start phasing them out during the day, Banner discovered his thumb.  He is going to suck on something whether I like it or not, because he is a baby and I only have so much control.

8.  "You shouldn't let Banner stand up.  He could skip crawling and start walking instead.  And the longer babies crawl, the better readers they are.  Do you not want your baby to be a good reader?"

I am not going to answer this because, seriously?  Of course I want my baby to be a good reader, but I'm not going to push him down either.  Just like I am not going to tie his left hand to his side if he starts to show signs of being a south paw.  OMG.

9.  "I would never let my baby watch TV."

Again.  Good for you.  It isn't like he is watching hours a day.  He might just catch a glimpse or two while I watch the news and he is nursing. Or while he is playing with daddy while watching sports.  It isn't like we've ever turned something on purely for his viewing pleasure.

10.  After playing, touching or otherwise handling my baby:  "I think I am coming down with something", "I am so sick", OR "I was just diagnosed with [blah, blah, blah] and haven't started antibiotics yet".  

Obviously, illness is a part of life, but I would also like to avoid unnecessary exposure.  I, in turn, promise not to cough and sneeze all over your baby in the future.  Seems like common sense, doesn't it?  Right?  RIGHT?!

[Shakes head]

But on to happier things, here are some photos and Banner updates from the last week or so:

Young Virtuoso.

Grammy Pammy visited Banner at daycare and took this photo.
It captures the moment right before the piano hit him in the head.

And here is Banner right before falling over.
Grammy Pammy entitled it, "TIMBER-R!!"

Poor Banner.  Visits from Grammy Pammy are exhausting
(and dangerous)!

Banner and his new Sassy Seat in the onesie and socks Becky
got Banner last summer before she knew if he was a boy or girl.

Trevor wasn't a big fan of the outfit.
Said he looked like a River Dancer (see video below).

I think it was the tie dye socks.

Of course, it didn't help that Amy thought I had dressed him like a girl.

Another Sunday at the pool.

He was a BIG fan of his new float.

I am a little preoccupied with protecting Banner from the sun.
(this picture makes me laugh so hard)

Banner was less of a fan of the life preserver. 

BOTH my boys managed to leave their lobster swim suits at Grammy Pammy's.
And MINE was the one that got eaten by the dog.  No lie.

My night view.

Banner came to the office for a visit after his doctor's
appointment on Thursday.  Here he is with Pam.

No one can make Banner smile like his daddy.

Not that I am jealous or anything.

I live for lazy Sundays with my boys.
He LOVES his Sophie.

Guess I should be on the lookout for more teeth.

Ooooh...and guess who is in SIZE THREE
diapers as of this weekend?!

Banner and his "hair".  As in singular.

In other news, Banner can now army crawl (see video below) and weighs more than my coworker's niece who was is almost exactly six months OLDER than him.  

Oh, and I can no longer watch movies or read books where the kids are sick or die.  It effects me physically and gives me nightmares.  

And, while we are on the subject of Hollywood, I really dislike Robert Downey, Jr., but I can't tell you why.  He just rubs me the wrong way.  This drives Trevor crazy, because apparently RDJ is in "everything good".


Well, I guess I should start heading towards bed, which is weird since I never got dressed today and I am still wearing my pajamas.  Seriously, is there anything better than a lazy Sunday with the family?  Because, if you ask me, it was pretty darn fantastic.

Until next time!