Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Reason 567 why people in Highland Park are dumb...

This morning I saw a woman in a pink sweater at the Starbucks in the Highland Park Village. A THICK, pink sweater to be exact.

I know what you are thinking. You are asking yourself, "What is so 'dumb' about a woman in Highland Park wearing a sweater?"

Well, since you inquired (at least hypothetically), I'll tell you. It is supposed to be ninety-five freakin' degrees today in Dallas! And you do what?...Wear a thick sweater (obviously)!

I'm sorry. What?! When did it become socially acceptable to sacrifice "being practical" for "cute and trendy"? And, for that matter, when did it become "hip" to wear out-of-season apparel? Is the fashion industry bi-polar or just plain out of ideas?

Or maybe the HP Bimbo thought that if she dressed for cold weather that it would just...you know...happen. There seems to be a lot of "entitlement" amongst the Parkies (as a species). Maybe she thought that she deserved cold weather because she had made such an oh-my-gawd-adorable-sweater-purchase? She'd already sacrificed practicality for the sake of the sweater, so we can therefore assume that "logic" and/or "brains" did NOT play a part in her early morning outfit selection.

Maybe her intelligence was bleached-out with her natural hair color?

Hehe (low blow, I know...)!

But I digress. No one really knows (or ever will) what goes into the "making" (or "make-up", if you prefer) of a Parkie. You might as well ponder the true meaning of life. The true meaning of life, at least, has an answer (presumably)...

In the end, we are left with the following assertion (made by me, of course):

Yes. While technically it is "fall" and no longer "summer", the weather in
Texas has yet to receive that memo. Therefore, please dress accordingly
(or I might decide to throw rotten fruit at you).


The HP Bimbo was also wearing gold, strappy sandals with seven inch heals, but that is a whole other problem. Apparently, where SHE was going, it was going to be cold and walking wasn't a priority.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Return of the Gnome...

So, the Gnome is back. Finally.

Incase you've forgotten about "The Fantastic One", click HERE for a refresher (and to read her latest posting).

Oh, and please feel free to remind her that she has a duty to her admiring public to post quasi regularly (despite her oh-so important commitments to her sorority, boy toy and frat parties everywhere).

The Lazy Gnome is the epitome of "The Ashley". In fact, I wouldn't be all that surprised if the Gnome wound up as a topic of discussion on The Phantom Professor's BLOG. SMU is NOT that big, after all (and the Gnome - despite her "vertically-challenged" stature - has a knack for being...uh...noticed).