Wednesday, September 07, 2016


When I was pregnant with Banner, we called him THOR.  So, obviously, we needed a superhero alter-ego for our daughter while she was in utero as well.

After much consideration and research, we landed on Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom.  She is symbolized by the owl and the olive tree, and all that seemed perfect for our baby girl.

It was only after Schafer was born that we realized that Athena was also the Goddess of War, which totally makes sense (girlfriend is feisty).  Schaf came out with her little fists clenched, and still to this day will not settle for anything less than exactly what she wants.  I fully expect her to grow up to be a Supreme Court Justice.  And you think RBG is notorious!  Just wait until you get a hold of the tenacious JSG!

 Favorite little muppet, hands down!