Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo Shoot with A&A Photography...

Our friend, Alicia, came over on Memorial Day Monday to take pictures of Banner.  She's just doing photography on the side, but is absolutely fabulous and gifted at it.  I am in love with all the images she snapped of my babies (both two and four legged).





Monday, May 28, 2012

The weekly update...

Maybe weekly updates are the way to go until I finally feel caught up?  It isn't ideal (I feel like I forget so much unless I post immediately), but the only time I seem to be able to sit down at my laptop is on the weekend when the B-Man is either napping or watching baseball on TV with his daddy.  But if I don't post, than I have nothing new to stare longingly at when I miss my baby while I am at work during the week.  Some people have smoke or coffee breaks.  I have Banner internet breaks.

Anyway, here's what has been going on around Casa de G-Wink this week:

Banner and Molly
(Molly always manages to hide in the photos)

We have a fabulous babysitter named Molly that was referred to us by a friend of mine from high school.  Only problem is that she is a little expensive and has a four hour minimum.  Still, she is totally worth every penny and Banner adores her.  And, when we come home, our laundry is folded, the baby has been bathed, Banner's bottles are sterilized and all the dishes in the sink have miraculously made their way into the dishwasher.  

On a "nature walk" to see mommy's flowers.

Molly also sends us pictures of Banner throughout the evening, takes him on "outtings" in the backyard and the neighborhood and bundles him up like he might otherwise freeze to death.  I've never come home to Banner dressed in less than socks, a fleecy footed onesie, sleep sack, wearing a hat and swaddled in a blanket.  Molly also rarely puts him down, and the B-Man is always sleeping soundly in either her arms or those of her teenaged daughter (who frequently accompanies her to our house) on the couch when Trevor and I return.

Reading with Auntie Amy.

Auntie Amy is a wonderful alternative when we need a sitter and Molly is either unavailable (we have to book her WAY in advance) or we are only planning on being out for a couple of hours.  Amy likes to "play" with Banner, and you can always tell when she has been over because Little B's toys are scattered throughout the house.  On Friday, she even set up his new Ikea castle and sat with him in it for close to thirty minutes.  No idea what they did in there for so long, but they both seemed to be having fun.

Reading with Banner has become a bit of a challenge
as he now tries to EAT his books.

Auntie Amy, however, is not a full service sitter like Molly.  Before I could leave on Friday night for tapas and happy hour with the girls, I had to bathe the baby before she would even touch him and prepare his 7:30 bottle.  She also has a tendency to put his diapers on backwards (oops!), which always makes for a unique changing table surprise.  Still, Banner loves his Godmother.

I love his blue eyes.

Speaking of Banner, he skipped his 10 PM feeding on Friday, May 11th, and hasn't looked back since.  He is now going down for the night around 8 and sleeping until 6 AM.  He'd probably go later, but the 6 AM feeding works best for our getting-ready-for-work schedule.  And on the weekends, he'll go BACK to sleep until 9 or 10 AM.  Bliss!

Love my teething ring!

No teeth yet, just a lot of drool.  As in multiple outfit changes a day kind of drool.  It is rare we go anywhere without Banner sporting a bib.  Otherwise, the neck and front of his onesies get completely saturated in no time flat.

Gnaw, gnaw, gnaw.

Banner has also started to give kisses.  Or that is what I like to think he is trying to do.  Because chewing-and-drooling-on my-face doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Chewing on his feet at the pediatrician.

On Friday, Banner woke up every two hours all night screaming in pain and wanting to be held.  Thank goodness our pediatrician has Saturday morning hours.  The little guy had been nursing (yet another) cold all last week, but it had gotten better by Thursday so he seemed to be on the road to recovery.  Little did I know that is when ear infections set in, and, sure enough, Banner's left ear was all inflamed and angry (well, that is what the doctor said after cleaning enough wax out of the little guy's ear to be able to see inside of it with the otoscope).

You'd never know I was sick!

Luckily, Banner is reacting well to his first round of antibiotics and is recovering quickly.  We were able to get the first two doses in to him before bedtime on Saturday and he slept through the night no problem.  Poor baby was exhausted from the night before (as were mom and dad)!

In other news, Trevor hit Banner's weight on Saturday right on the nose.  He guessed 16.5 and - amazingly - Banner weighed EXACTLY that.  Big boy!

Watching baseball with Daddy with a baseball on my butt!

I finally took my last antibiotic on Thursday morning.  I was supposed to be done four days before, but my throat was still sore on Monday morning (it had been getting better slowly over the previous ten days, but not gone).  I called my doctor to inquire whether or not the antibiotics would stay in my system for awhile and continue to fight the infection, but she preferred to give me an additional four days of pills in case the infection wasn't completely cleared up.  I was fine with it as long as the killer sore throat from before didn't return.  By Thursday, though, I felt back to normal and was relieved to finally be off medication.

We go for walks in the evenings to postpone giving Banner his last bottle until 7:30.
The is the usual result.

However, by Saturday morning I felt all crappy again.  Seriously, where has my immune system gone?!  Luckily, it seemed to only be a 24 hour kind of bug, because the fever I didn't know I had broke at 3:30 Sunday morning.  Nothing quite like waking up in a puddle of sweat in the middle of the night, and having to change clothes.  The good news, though, is that I've felt better ever since.  I was so worried I'd be sick in bed for the entire holiday weekend!

I used to think this picture was adorable until Trevor told me he thought the
toy dog's arm looks like something dirty.  Thanks, Trev.

If I was wondering why I keep getting sick, though, I don't any longer.  Yesterday, while changing Banner's diaper, he sneezed and snot, phlegm and boogies went flying...all over my face.  Awesome.

Favorite picture from the week, hands down!

Took the little guy for his first swim at The Resort at Pamelot yesterday.  Half the fun was dressing him up for the occasion.  Trevor picked out his bathing suit weeks ago at Baby Gap, and we've just been dying to break it out and put it on him.

Heading into the water!

Of course, since Banner seems to have Trevor's fair skin, there was a significant amount of sun protection prep that went into the afternoon.  And since I had a hard time getting the sun screen to fully absorb, poor Banner looked even more pale than usual.

Our water baby!

Banner LOVED the water!  I thought he might since he thinks bath time is a special treat.  He was in the pool for an hour and was on cloud nine the entire time.

He "talked" to us the entire time to let us know how much fun he was having.

His favorite was when Trevor pushed him around the pool in the purple floatie.  He loved to kick his little legs and squeal in delight!  I have a feeling we will be back to Grammy Pammy's for another swim soon!  It was a big hit with the Ban-Man!

My boys!

We thought the swim, sun and fun would wear the little guys out.  That wasn't the case, though.  He stayed up way past his bedtime flirting with his grandma, smiling and playing with his feet.  Thirty seconds into the trip home, however, he was out cold.

Getting toweled off.

I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but I generally send Banner to school in his footed PJs.  I figure there are only two times in life when wearing your pajamas out in public is okay: 1) When you are a baby; and 2) When you are in college.  He needs to get as much wear out of them as possible.  This phase of life won't last forever!

I see you.

Tonight Banner watched his first fireworks display over Flag Pole Hill.  He was completely fascinated at first, then got a little unsure of the situation and started staring at mommy.  Confidence was restored, however, by holding my finger in one hand and daddy's in the other.  Precious.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Decidedly Creepy...

And to think: I never thought a koala could be anything other than adorable.
There is another one with a red-eyed elephant.  These ads are the stuff nightmares are made out of, I swear.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Caption worthy...

A series of pictures taken moments before Amy's wedding ceremony was about to begin last month:

Makes me laugh every time I see it.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some of my favorite pictures from the week...

Finally big enough to ride in the stroller without the infant seat.

These reading with daddy pictures never get old.

He has starting sucking his thumb
Not sure how I feel about it, but there it is.
(It is pretty cute.)

He is longer than his carrier now, and loves to kick us
and put his feet on things (like the table at Sushi on McKinney).
In other news, he is getting REALLY interested in our food.

He is so skinny that he needs a belt.  Or at least some baby suspenders.

Blurry, but a keeper.

I love watching him sleep.

Seriously.  Does it get any more precious?

Love, love, love the crossed ankles.

Eating his toes.

Nom, nom, nom...

Aren't feet just fascinating?  Banner sure thinks so,
and I could watch him play with his forever.