Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm sorry...what?!

Granted, I was at a bar, but the following quotations were overheard on Friday night:

“The war in Iraq is much more important than what’s going on in the Sudan. After all, people are, like, dying in Iraq.”


Person A: “I love living in New York! I mean, like, where do you go after New York? Can you live anywhere else?”

Person B: “I dunno’. I guess London. I’ve known a lot of people that have moved to London after living in New York.”

Person A: “London, huh? I wonder why? I guess I like how old everything in New York City is – it’s, like, one of the oldest cities, you know. New York has so much history and all. I’d never get that if I moved to London.”

Friday, May 25, 2007

Stupid City...

Can someone please explain to me why I’m being “hounded” by Dallas Animal Services?

It’s ridiculous. I’m a responsible pet owner. I follow all the rules: keep my dogs properly vaccinated, walk them on leases, pick up their poop, etc. I even took it upon myself to register them with the City of Dallas. After all, that’s what responsible pet owners do, right?!

Well, I’m starting to wish I had refrained from being so “responsible”. If nothing else, the City of Dallas has taught me time and time again that they are completely incompetent. Why I thought their animal services division would be any different is beyond me. I must have skipped my daily cup of coffee that morning.

Anyway, last spring, I registered Gypsy Kitty and Dolly with the City of Dallas after their annual physical exam and vaccinations. I had just moved to Dallas from Highland Park (where I had been house-sitting) the previous fall, and figured I’d go ahead a register the two with Dallas once their H.P. registration expired. It was only $7/a dog (much cheaper than the $15 H.P. was charging) and meant I would avoid a $10 ticket if the City ever figured out I was an unregistered pet owner.

Then, about a month later, two things happened: (1) Dolly moved back in with my sister, and (2) I found Haskell on…well…Haskell.

Originally, I didn’t intend on keeping Haskell – just fostering him until a permanent home could be found. That was until Gypsy (who wasn’t adapting well to the whole “only dog” thing) decided that Haskell was her new best friend. The two became very close, and – by the end of the summer – it was obvious that Haskell’s “forever home” was with Gypsy and me.

I decided to wait to register Haskell with the City. I wasn’t sure if registrations automatically expired at the end of the calendar year in Dallas (like they did in H.P.), but it seemed practical to hold off registering Haskell until it was time to renew Gypsy’s.

Well, as it turns out, the City of Dallas encourages pet owners to register their pets immediately after vaccinating them every year. So, I had to wait until this spring to reregister Gypsy. Haskell, however, wasn’t due for his shots until the end of May. Consequently, it seemed logical to wait until after Haskell’s annual to register both dogs. Or so I thought…

I took Gypsy in for her physical exam and vaccines in mid April, and Amy took Dolly in a few days later for hers. Apparently, the City of Dallas receives notification every time a dog or cat receives a rabies shot (hence, the whole rabies tag business). As a result, I received a letter in the mail a couple of weeks later (from the City) thanking me for being a “responsible pet owner” and vaccinating my pets. Also included in the envelope: a reminder encouraging me to reregister my pets with the City. Again, I figured it was easier (not to mention: logical) to wait and register Gypsy and Haskell together, rather than separately. Plus, Haskell’s annual exam and shots were due in only a month or so anyway. It seemed practical to wait.

Well, I was wrong. Yesterday I received a letter from the City of Dallas threatening to slap me with a fine if I didn’t reregister Gypsy and Dolly by May 25th (i.e. today). Uhmmmm…what?! Thanks for the heads-up!

So, since there is NO way I can make it all the way out to Forney Road to hand deliver Gypsy and Dolly’s registration this afternoon, I guess I’m screwed. This, in my opinion, is like being penalized for being “responsible” in the first place. Trevor has never registered Alley with the City of Dallas. She’s current with her shots and all, but – as far as the City is concerned – Trevor may live in the Park Cities, Plano, Garland, Richardson, etc. (some of the many cities surrounded by or next to the City of Dallas). Apparently, the City won’t threaten you with a fine until they are sure you actually live IN Dallas, as opposed to a separate municipality. Heaven forbid they check your address against their own records!

Plus, isn’t the whole pet registration concept centered on preventing rabies in the first place? In other words, I register my pet so the City can make sure I keep my pet properly vaccinated against the disease. But what is the point of registering my pet if the City already knows that my pet is properly vaccinated? Furthermore, why send me a letter thanking me for vaccinating my pet one day and penalizing me the next for not reregistering? Especially considering I’ve already completed the most important task at hand: vaccinating the pet! What about all those irresponsible pet owners that don’t bother to get their animals the necessary shots in the first place? I bet the City doesn’t send them threatening letters! After all, if no vaccinations are administered, how can the City possibly know that an animal exists at a certain residence? Aggghhhh!

It is so unfair.

I was able to get Haskell into the vet this afternoon for his shots. So, assuming they are open tomorrow, I can try to register all of the dogs with the City tomorrow morning. Oh, and just incase you were wondering: Amy is currently on a cruise and I’m taking care of Dolly in her absence. I guess I’ll do the easiest thing and register Dolly when I register Gypsy and Haskell. Amy can always pay me back later (she won’t, but it never hurts to be optimistic, right?!).


Thursday, May 24, 2007


Da' Boy Toy...

Sorry I’ve been a little less than prolific lately. May has proven itself to be quite stressful. I’m definitely in need of a vacation…

Anyway, I thought I’d take a break from “daily grind” to share two “Trevorisms” with you. The first one happened just this last weekend, while the other is a couple of years old (but still makes me giggle):

While riding in the car on Sunday afternoon…

Trevor: “You know that store 'Horse Chow'?”

Me: “You mean 'Horchow'?”

Trevor: “Yeah. That’s what I said: ‘Horse Chow’.”

Me: “No, no. It’s ‘Horchow’. Not ‘Horse Chow’.”

Trevor: “Oh.”


After driving from Houston to Dallas two years ago…

Trevor: “Did you know there is a road that parallels I-45 all the way from Houston to Dallas?”

Me: “No, I didn’t. Really?”

Trevor: “Yeah. I saw signs for it the whole way up here.”

Me: “What’s it called?”

Trevor: “Frontage Road.”

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ducks. Fros. And ducks WITH fros…

Yesterday, Trevor and I took the kiddos for a walk around the lake. Along the way, we encountered a little, yellow duck going through what can only be described as “an awkward phase”. It honestly looked like someone had super-glued a cotton ball to his head. Poor guy! It kind of adds a whole new meaning to the expression “bad hair day”, huh?!

Duck with a fro…

Do you think the other ducks were laughing at him?!

And YOU thought puberty was bad!

Of course, the humidity probably wasn’t helping…

...I mean, it's SO poofy!

Poor, little guy (hehe…)!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dog Bowl 2007...


On Sunday afternoon, Trevor and I loaded Gypsy Kitty, Alley Cat & Haskell into the car and headed to a very special event:


The setting? None other than COTTON BOWL STADIUM. Awesome (or should I say “PAWSOME”?!)…

Anyway, here are some of my pictures of the event. Enjoy!
(Note: Don't forget to hold your mouse over the images to see my commentary)

Like one GIANT dog park…
The Cotton Bowl

Haskell, Gypsy Kitty and Alley Cat…
The Kiddos...

I love Haskell's expression in this picture.  He looks like a cartoon dog...
How cute are they?!

Yes, that’s right:  She dresses her dogs in pink and pushes them around in a baby stroller…
Little Dogs…

There is no bending down to pet this guy, huh?!
…and BIG dogs...

Big dog, little pool...
…and pool-breaking GIAGANTIC dogs!

This is my FAVORITE picture from Sunday.  I LOVE it!
He was SERIOUS about cooling off!

I also made a short film detailing the experience (again: dogs are the cheapest actors I can find!). It’s only a few minutes long, and I hope you will all take the time to watch it. Is it worth it?...oh, probably not, but I sure did have a good time making it. That's worth something, right?!

(C’mon! You know you wanna' watch another stupid dog video!!)