Thursday, March 05, 2015

Basking in the snowy glory of winter storm THOR...

Granted, nothing will ever compare to my junior year in college when it snowed over 190 inches in Syracuse, New York, but 6 inches is a BIG deal for Dallas.

Plus, it meant I got to have another random day off from work to snuggle with my boys and nap.

(Seriously, is there anything better than a good snow day nap?)

It rarely ever snows down here, so please forgive all the pictures that are about to flood this page.  After all, the last time we had this much snow down here was before Banner was born.  I can't help but document!

Plus, it was pretty!

Underneath the snow was about half an inch of ice.
Which explains why Uncle Spencer decided to sleep over the night before.
(Banner was thrilled!)

"Thor" enjoying the aftermath of Thor.

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