Monday, January 18, 2016

About Schafer...

Girlfriend is opinionated.

Seriously.  She cracks me up.

Two of my favorite stories about The Schaf from 2016 are as follows:

1.  The Baptism.

We had Schafer baptized on January 10th.  When I mentioned one of Schafer's teachers that she was going to be baptized, Ms. Connie replied, "Oh, good!  Maybe that will help."

And if screaming like a banshee was any indication, it seemed to work.  To be fair, though, it was the priest's first baptism, and little Schafer got some holy water in the eye.  This, not surprisingly, didn't go over very well, and baby girl let the entire church know it in dramatic fashion; even going so far as to kick off her shoe in protest.

When I relayed all this to Ms. Connie the following week (mostly to see if the baptism had, indeed, "helped"), Ms. Connie inquired whether or not it was possible for Schafer to get a second dip or "go around".

Atta girl.

2.  The Incident Report.

Schafer started pulling herself around in a makeshift crawl around Christmas.  Then took a break to perfect sitting up before surprising everyone and pulling up at 8.5 months (Feb. 18th).  But before going from sitting to standing, Schafer was content to just...well, sit there and watch.

Her two BFFs in the nursery room are Charlotte and Francesca.  Charlotte especially is known to get into Schafer's personal space and - on the day in question - Schaf decided enough was enough.  So she scratched Charlotte on the face and scooted away.

Then, later on that same afternoon, Logan stole Schafer's toy and she chased him down and went all WWE on his a$$.  Thing is, Logan is both older and bigger than our girl, but that didn't stop her from drawing blood and sending poor Logan home with an incident report.

When I picked up that evening, there was a note from Schafer's teachers asking for us to trim Schaf's nails.  Except I had trimmed and filed them the night before.  We are still rather clueless as to how she was able to inflict Wolverine-esk scratches with nonexistent claws.  When I brought this to Ms. Veneta's attention she said, "Well, she's probably learned some secrets protecting herself from big brother!"

Of course, Trevor was simply proud that his daughter took on a boy and won.  We definitely aren't raising a wallflower.

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