Thursday, January 12, 2017

That time it was winter for ONE day...

Last Friday we had a dusting of snow.  Actually, I'm not even sure it qualified as a dusting, but it was just enough to make everyone in Dallas freak out, and turn my afternoon commute into a 3 hour ordeal (and I didn't even get on a highway!).

When I finally got home, Banner immediately asked if he could go play outside in the "snow", and promptly ran out the side doors into the backyard.

He was back inside less than 90 seconds later.

Me:  "Back so soon?"
Banner:  "Guess what, mama?"
Me:  "What?  Too cold for you out there?"
Banner:  "No!  It is great!  But GUESS WHAT?!"
Me:  "You built a snowman?"
Banner:  "No!  I finally did it!  What I always wanted!  I made yellow snow!"


Little boys are so weird.

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