Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I only wish I was kidding (especially about the butter)...

Just incase anyone was interested in all the new fried food dishes they will be offering come Friday:

  • Green Goblins – Cherry peppers are hollowed out, stuffed with spicy shredded chicken and guacamole, then battered and deep fried. Served three to a skewer and topped with queso. Located at the entrance to the Thrillway.

  • Deep Fried Butter – 100% pure butter is whipped till light and fluffy, then specially sweetened with a choice of several flavors. The tantalizing mixture is surrounded by a special dough and quick fried. Located on Nimitz Drive. Winner of Most Creative in the Big Tex Choice Awards competition.

  • Twisted Yam on a Stick – A delicious, towering, spiral-cut sweet potato on a 13” skewer is fried to a delicate crispy texture, then gently rolled in butter and dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Located near the Exposition/Parry Avenue entrance.

  • Fernie’s Deep Fried Peaches & Cream – Sweet juicy peaches are coated in a delicious batter of cinnamon, ginger, coconut, graham cracker crumbs, eggs & milk, then deep fried to a crunchy golden brown on the outside, while luscious and sweet on the inside. Served on a plate drizzled with raspberry sauce, lightly dusted with powdered sugar and topped with a cool dollop of whipped cream. A side of vanilla butter cream icing is provided for dipping. The Dock Restaurant inside the Embarcadero Building. Winner of Best Taste in the Big Tex Choice Awards competition.

  • Texas Fried Pecan Pie – A mini-pecan pie is battered and deep fried to a golden brown. Served drizzled with rich caramel sauce, then topped with whipping cream and chopped candied pecans. Located on Nimitz Drive near the entrance to the Creative Arts Showplace Theater.

  • Country Fried Pork Chips – Thin sliced pork loin is seasoned, surrounded by a tasty corn meal batter and deep fried. Served with sides of ketchup or cream gravy. Located on Nimitz Drive at MLK and the Hans Mueller Booth on Cotton Bowl Plaza.

  • Sweet Jalapeno Corn Dog Shrimp – Shrimp on a stick is coated with a sweet and spicy corn meal batter, then deep fried to a golden brown and served with a spicy glaze. Located at the Belgian Waffle stand on the NE corner of the Esplanade.

  • Fried Peanut Butter Cup Macaroon – A peanut butter cup is wrapped inside a coconut macaroon fried and dusted with powdered sugar. Also available with a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream. Located near the Texas Star.

I think my arteries just clogged READING this…

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