Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter 2014 Recap...

Banner's first dyed Easter Egg.
Easter 2014 was very similar to Easter 2013.  There were multiple egg hunts, good food and lots family.

Easter Part I was at Brook Hollow on Saturday.  Just like last year, the club hosted a brunch with pony rides, a petting zoo, face painting, kid-friendly buffet - the works!  The event is a lot of fun, and always ends with a big Easter Egg Hunt on the front lawn. 

Banner had a blast!

He was excited about the giant bunny for about 10 seconds.

Waiting for the hunt to begin.

His loot!

Happy Boy!

Easter Day started with a return visit to Brook Hollow for Easter lunch with the family.  I apparently forgot to document the occasion because I do not have a single picture.  Banner was a bit of a mess during the meal - mainly because he was convinced the pony and train rides from the day before were still there (they weren't).  This didn't keep him from trying to find them any way.

Then, after a brief nap, we had Easter Part III at Gran's house.  She bought him an adorable (if you can describe that balding alien as "cute") Yoda Easter Egg basket, and he had another egg hunt with his step cousins in the backyard.  Of course, the older boys' eggs were harder to find and had actual candy inside.  Banner's just had crackers and goldfish.  It didn't take long for Banner to figure out that he was getting screwed in the candy/sugar department, and all the adults laughed we watched him stealthily "trade" his eggs for the older boys' eggs when they weren't looking.  It was hysterical.

The only downside to all the Easter festivities is that Banner keeps asking to go on another egg hunt, and we've had to hide all his candy.  Until next year, little man!  ;P

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