Monday, September 15, 2014

That time I picked up a waitress at a steakhouse...

I totally picked up the waitress at a steakhouse back in July, and left the restaurant with digits. This amused my husband to no end. But said waitress and I have been on multiple play dates with our boys who just happen to be 48 hours apart in age. It is basically the most awesome thing in the history of ever. 

But I'd be lying if I said this whole "mom dating" thing is easy, because it is not.  I have a tendency to be awkward.  And you know what is a guaranteed recipe for awkwardness (if you are me)?  Seeing your son hit it off brilliantly with this other little boy, and realizing that the pressure is on you not to screw this up for everyone involved.

I may have spent most of our first playdate overanalyzing every.single.word before speaking aloud.  Which led to a lot of awkward silences.  Which, shockingly, was AWKWARD.  Basically, I'm even awkward when I'm concerted effort not to be awkward.  It's an aptitude.  

And for anyone who thinks "mom dating" isn't really a thing, you should know the following:

  • I waited three days to contact her so I wouldn't seem too desperate.
  • I agonize over every single text.  I even make Trevor read some before hitting "send".
  • I found the waitress on FB but didn't friend her because I didn't want to be too presumptuous that we are, you know..."friends" after six weeks of knowing each other. 
  • I drove to Lewisville for a playdate.  I won't even drive to Lewisville for Trevor (who works there), and he is my baby daddy.  
  • We only get the boys together every other week or so, because I don't want it to seem like I don't have other mom friends.

It is possible I am overthinking this too much.  To be fair, though, I just don't want to mess this up:

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