Sunday, October 25, 2015

On School Pictures...

Last year, we dressed Banner in a button down shirt and dress pants for school picture day.  He looked sharp, and yet I had instant regret because getting him dressed that morning was such a struggle.  The kid wanted to wear what the kid wanted to wear.  Which, not surprisingly for 2.5 year old Banner, involved a superhero shirt and his rain boots.  It is a fine line between wanting your kid to look good on picture day, and wanting him to look like himself.

My lil weirdo this time last year.

This year, learning nothing from last year's regret, we dressed Banner in another button down shirt and khaki pants.  We even parted his hair.  The kid looked amazing.  I almost didn't recognize him.  See, 3.5 year old Banner is into matching.  He dresses himself in the morning, because apparently mama doesn't understand that you can never have too much of one color.  Which explains why my kid looks like this most mornings:

Mr. Color Coordinated, right?

Anyway, I wanted him to look nice in his school pictures mainly to prove to the other parents and teachers that my kid CAN clean up on occasion.  I mean, who are these other people that can get their kid to dress in collared shirts and chinos on a daily basis? I'm just lucky we have pants on when we leave the house most mornings.

So, I was a little confused when the pictures came back and my kid looked like...well, a giant tomato:

My favorite is the red wrist band with the red shoes on the red scooter.
Because OF COURSE.

Apparently, something happened on the day he was supposed to take his picture and it was postponed.  It was probably a day that Trevor picked up, because - clearly - I had no knowledge or I probably would have attempted to intervene two mornings in a row.

At least this year's photo is a more accurate depiction of what he looks like on a day to day basis, and for that I am grateful.  Plus, he looks happy and relaxed which is much more than I can say about last year's picture where he looks uncharacteristically spiffy and slightly deranged:

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