Monday, October 26, 2015

The Quiet Game...

Banner talks.  A lot.

Mostly, I enjoy my little Chatty Cathy.  But it wears on Trevor on occasion.

Like the day we took the kids to Central Market to grab dinner and a few groceries.  Banner talked THE ENTIRE way there in the car.  Then proceeded to talk my ear off while I pushed the cart around the store.  Trevor, who had Schafer in a different cart, met up with me at the checkout and asked if Banner stopped talking at any point during the outing.

"Haha!  You are kidding, right?"

So, Trevor decided, before getting back in the car for the ride home, to teach Banner to play The Quiet Game.  Because, sometimes, silence really is golden.

Banner said he understood the rules, and immediately started talking smack.  Our overly confident three year old told us in no uncertain terms how he was going to be "the quietest ever" and "beat us all" because he is a big boy and "the best a being quiet".

Yeah. He lost before we exited the parking lot.

We heard about it the whole way home.

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