Friday, April 01, 2016

The Moo and The Schaf...

One of the most unexpected joys of having babies is, for me, seeing reminders of loved ones lost in their faces and personalities.

I've thought for awhile that Schaf resembles my paternal grandmother, Moo.  Especially in the mouth (Mimi and I refer to it as "Moo Mouth").  But it also goes beyond that to the point that I sometimes joke that Schafer is my grandmother reincarnated. 

Just a few ways examples:

  • Schafer is HIGHLY opinionated about ALL the things.  Moo wasn't a wallflower, either.
  • Some of Schafer's noises (baby babble and verbal sound effects) remind me of Moo.  Not sure if it is the pitch or what, but it is definitely there.
  • The PINCHING.  Moo was a notorious pincher.  So is Schafer.
  • The mischievous look in Schafer's eye when she does something she knows she shouldn't.  Moo's father called her "Pest", and I'm definitely getting this vibe from my daughter (Related:  Moo called me "Worry Wart", so this might be a dominant genetic trait).

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