Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Happy 100th Birthday, Moo!

Today would have been my grandmother's 100th birthday. In celebration of her long life, I have compiled some of my favorite photographs of her - from baby pictures that I stumbled across a few years ago to some taken as recently as the Thanksgiving just a few, short weeks before she passed away on December 28th, 2008. Looking at them helps me to remember and keeps her memory alive and close by. She was an amazing lady.


An interesting coincidence: This is my 907th post according to my Blogger Dashboard. I can almost see Moo smiling down from Heaven and winking at me. I miss and love you, Moo! XOXO


Anonymous said...

A very nice and fitting tribute to an amazing woman...she was a remarkable person and you have a lot of her traits...! --GP

Auntie Mimi said...

I LOVE your blog about Mother!!! Well done! XXX

Jill P said...

I LOVE IT!! I need to get the old pics from the family and scan them... my parents are not going to do it, so someone needs to!