Thursday, April 27, 2006

The WWF Presents...

8/7 CST
On Pay-Per-View


Amstaff Mom said...

Deals. You didn't. OH. MY. WORD.

I busted out laughing when I say that. And since I'm on (blasted) dial-up at home, I waited oh-so-patiently for it to fully download.

Imagine me sitting here, seeing Fight! Fight! Fight! come across my screen and dreading what I was going to look like beside it.

Oh the horror. What HAPPENED to K-T???? The Bodyguard K-T!!! AND SHE HAS NEBRASKA AS HER BELT

No offense, but her magnifying glass looks like a lolli-pop.

Are those my earrings or my bows? Do I have ridiculously shiny locks?

Oh that picture is so horrible. And yet so funny at the same time.

You have a gift Deals. A very unique gift.

Deals On Wheels said...

I am so, so, SO happy that you recognized the state of Nebraska. I didn't think that anyone would! Yey!

Originally, I wanted the things in your hair to look like bows for pink-tails (cheerleaders, in my mind, always have pink-tails tied with bows. I think it is mandatory). But I could only make them look like earrings.


And, yes, you DO have ridiculously shiny locks. I bet it is because you hang out with Bodyguard Katie - all that body grease must have worn off on you! Hehe...


The Runt said...

dude...they're called PIG TAILS!

Amstaff Mom said...

HA HA HA! You've been reprimanded by the Runt! Is that for making fun of her spelling "Lint" the other day?

Katie said...




Really how do I respond to this? Shock? Laughter? Tears? Uhh can I request the tan of bodyguard Katie, because really I am borderline albino and my skin will NEVER be that color.

Too much to take in, can i make this my wallpaper on my computer? Would that be too narcissistic (spelled that wrong but I don't care)?

And, ahahahahaa, it is pig tails. Pink tails? I kept laughing at that and then the Runt jumped on you. Ahahahahaha.

Amstaff Mom said...

K-T I ALMOST called you last night, to see if there was ANY way you could sign in somewhere and view this posting.

But then I had to leave to go next door to watch Survivor.

But I ALMOST did.

jes said...

but, who is the stalker?

Deals On Wheels said...

Runt: Pink-tails, pig-tails...whatever. Why are they called "pig-tails" anyway? I think that "pink-tails" sounds better. Humph. :P

Katie: I was commenting on your comment from yesterday (you know, the one where you embraced being a stalker?), and I got this idea. I was waiting for ER to come on, so I had a few minutes to kill. So, I made the CRUISE SHIP image while I was waiting. Then, I posted it, but it seemed to be missing something. That was when I thought to add AM (especially after she was all sorts of provocative the other day with her chants of “Fight, Fight, Fight!”). I think she has a bright future as a cheerleader, don’t you?!

Anyway, the idea of your two alter egos fighting each other totally made me giggle. But, then again, I’m currently sleep deprived so I’m finding a lot of random things funny lately.

AM: I don’t care what the others say. I wanted you to have PINK-tails. They are like pig-tails but cuter, and they are way more cheerleader than anything with the word “pig” in it.

Jes: Katie is my stalker/bodyguard. When Katie’s on duty, I’m being “Stalkguarded”. AM thinks it is an oxymoron…

The Runt said...

melissa has pink eye.

Deals On Wheels said...

Did she get it from wearing pink-tails?

Amstaff Mom said...

Go over to Eddo's site today. He got his picture taken with Troy. THE Troy.