Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Riiiight, because THAT won't be awkward...

Incase anyone has forgotten, I have to go on this Caribbean cruise thingy next week.

You might recall that in THIS POST I mentioned the original reasoning behind going on the cruise: a destination wedding. You also might remember that the groom-to-be was Trevor’s little brother, that the bride-and-groom-to-be broke up a couple of weeks ago, and that Trevor, my mom and I are still going on the cruise (mainly because we couldn’t get our money back).

Now, it is important to mention that Trevor and his brother – despite an age difference of four years – are almost identical. They are the same height, the same build, have the same hair/eye color…you get the idea. It’s not like I get them confused or anything, but sometimes a double-take is necessary when one of them walks into a room.

They do have differences, mind you. They have different noses and different skin tones. Trevor is as white as he can be. Literately. He only has two colors: pink in the summer and blue in the winter. Trevor’s brother, on the other hand, can tan to a dark brown.

My favorite difference between the brothers, though, is Trevor’s red beard. Trevor’s facial hair grows in bright red for some reason, which is totally different than the hair on his head. Totally cracks me up. His brother doesn’t have that particular genetic trait.

Just to give you a visual, I offer the following:

Okay, okay. I don’t really date Peter Krause, but RR thinks that Trevor bears an uncanny resemblance to him.

That’s right. Someone thinks that my hunk’o’hunk ‘o’ burnin’ love looks like Peter Krause.

Well, sorta’ anyway.

Anyhoo, back to the cruise…

I also mentioned back in previously said post, that we have no way of knowing whether or not Trevor’s brother’s almost-bride and/or Trevor’s brother’s almost-in-laws would be on the cruise as well. After all, if we were still going because we couldn’t get our money back, it stood to reason that others might be in the same boat, too (sorry…couldn’t resist the pun). However, I only mentioned it as a “hey, wouldn’t it be funny (but not really) if…” scenario.

So, yeah, I should have knocked-on-wood, because GUESS WHAT…


Uh, can I say “uncomfortable”?!

Trevor and I have met the almost-bride on several occasions, but never the almost-in-laws. Trevor probably wouldn’t know them if they were standing right in front of him - which is kinda’ funny considering that they will ALL look at Trevor and know instantly who HE is…

So, yeah, the almost-bride will be on a ship that was supposed to be her almost-honeymoon with the one person on the planet who bears an uncanny resemblance to her almost-husband.

I just hope that we all don’t end up sharing a table at dinner (although I know enough now not rule it out of the realm of possibility. Something like that would happen to people like us).


Gabe said...

This is a great opportunity for hilarity. Practice your ventriloquism and bring a video camera. When the appropriate members of the opposite parties are nearby, appropriately throw your voice to say, "that bitch!" or "that asshole!" and then record for posterity, fun, and/or profit.

...juuuust kidding.

Amstaff Mom said...

Youch. That could potentially be very awkward!!

HA HA - that does look alot like Trevor. RR is right!

Deals, those ships are so very big, there's a good chance you won't see them. UNLESS they purposely booked your rooms close together originally? Or did you book them separately?

Although, come to think of it, we saw some of the same strange people over and over again. Including the 50+ year old woman who insisted on tanning her backside while topless in the lounge chair next to me. I was so afraid she was going to wake up and sit straight up. I was terrified! She almost did to, and remembered just in time. So yeah, you just might see them.


Katie said...

AHAHAHAHA now I'm wondering if the future by not quite mother in law might be cut from the same cloth of the woman in Jcol's cruise adventure and you will be forced not only to run into her but be exposed to all of her glory

AHAHAHAHA, at least you will come back with stories that make me laugh, and really isn't that the point of everything?

Katie said...

p.s. after all my stalking and bodyguarding don't I deserve to bump up from potential to all out fight status?

JLR said...

FAB-U-LOUS. Fabulous. This will make for good stories later.

I only feel half sorry for you, because even if the wedding was going through, it would still be a ship of awkward. Now it just awkward-er. And funnier.

Deals On Wheels said...

I think this whole cruise vacation thing is a recipe for disaster. I actually asked my boss yesterday to report me missing if I didn't return to work on the 15th. After all, people disappear on these things (and the cruise ship isn't responsible)!

My Boss: Are you planning to disappear?

Me: No, but I'm just trying to cover all the bases, and the two people who are most likely to notice my absence are the two people that I'll be on the cruise ship with."

My Boss: Oh, okay then. We will report you missing, don't worry.

Me Thanks. And it's not like no one would notice that I'm missing eventually. I'd just like to be reported missing before eventually, if at all possible. I mean, other than work, the only other person who might notice my absence would be the person in charge of taking care of my dog.

My Boss: Do we need to worry about picking up your dog if you go missing, too?

Me: Oh, no. I've got that covered. All you have to do is report me missing.

My Boss: Okay. Got it.

Me: Thanks!

Deals On Wheels said...

Oh, and Katie:

"In a fight status" is awarded to the people that I've met in person. After all, you can only be in a fight with someone if they actually exist. Until I meet you face-to-face I cannot be 100% sure that you really, really exist. You could just be faking...


Amstaff Mom said...

We need to remedy that, but meanwhile, I'll assure you that K-T is for REALS.

We need to all get together. I'll be the token short person.

Ben said...

Classic. Might as well bring the gift... Just for kicks.


Deals On Wheels said...

Ben: You laugh, but we did purchase a gift for them. I was looking at it the other day and thinking, "Now what do I do with it?" It's one of those things that just can't be returned.


The Runt said...

don't forget to bring me a present back from your trip! This is VERY important!

Lia said...

I seriously hope it's a verrrry large ship.

Or maybe not. Sounds like it will make for interesting reading.

Have fun out there! I think I'll just go call my contacts at Royal Carribbean to make sure they place you in adjoining staterooms.

Deals On Wheels said...

Lia: Again, this would be our luck...!