Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It is funny how nothing and everything has changed…

The strangest thing about being married for one month and one day is that I have ONLY been married for one month and one day. Gone are the days when people asked how long Trevor and I had been dating (7 years, 12 weeks and 2 days at the time of saying “I do” or 6 years, 7 weeks and six days at the time of the engagement – depending, of course, on your perspective), and I was able to answer them in YEARS. Now, I am back to calculating our time together in days, weeks and – as of yesterday – months. Disclosing how long we dated prior to the wedding is no longer appropriate when asked, “How long have you been married?” That clock zeroed out 31 days ago.

Not that any of that matters, mind you. I just find it fascinating. Plus, it makes everything SEEM new again – even if it really isn’t. And, for the record, the best kind of new is the kind that is both comfortable and familiar. Does that make any sense? Probably not, but I think it is still pretty great anyway!


My life so far said...

makes sense to me :) Also, I am glad you are not one of those people who when asked how long you have been together respond, well we have been married for 1 month but been together for 7 years. Those people annoy me. I mean really, I thought that previous to getting married you would have spent some time dating.

So, I am glad you say we have been married for one month and not well, we have been married for a month but together for 7 years. Thanks, for starting the count over :)

Tracy said...

Congrats!! Love you guys and think you are so cute as official "marrieds" now. :) Time sure flies-enjoy every minute!