Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Because it would be too easy to simply say, "Trevor got his dang robe. The End."

I know everyone has been waiting on pins and needles to find out whether or not Trevor got his perfect robe.  Because there are problems out there, international crises, war, famine...and then there is Trevor's lack of an ideal, non-poofy bathrobe.  


(We have a lot of those around here.)

I apologize for keeping everyone waiting.

Tragically, the order for Trevor's "Men's Special-Knit Waffle Kimono in Navy" was canceled.  But, undeterred, we returned to the mall on the 5th to look again.  Because I am nothing less than determined when it comes to un-sucking at Christmas.  And, well, the house shoes I bought Trevor were still sitting in the box, because everyone knows that you can't possibly break in new slippers without donning the perfect bathrobe first.

I mean, obviously.

It wasn't just for the robe, though.  Apparently, Les Mis wasn't Trevor's movie of choice the week before, and I "owed him" after spending four days in bed with the flu.  So, we had a repeat of our date night on the 29th a week later, except Trevor requested we see a flick with less singing and more...well, HOBBIT.  In 48 FPS, no less.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you.  Because he also REALLY wanted to see the TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D.  Which?  No.  I'll take dwarves, elves and the creepy, split-personality hobbit Dobby any day.

(Trevor says hobbit Dobby is named "Gollum".)  

(Whatever, Trevor.  Everyone knows what I mean.)

Anyway, we found another more expensive Nordy's thermal robe in blue that Trevor claimed "would do".  I made the purchase, we went to the movie, yada, yada, yada.  My phone died somewhere in all of this robe-buying, Hobbit-viewing fun, so it wasn't until after we got home and threw the new robe in the wash with the rest of the darks that I got the voicemail from Carla at the Nordstroms at North Park informing me that she had good news regarding my previously canceled "Men's Special-Knit Waffle Kimono in Navy".  

An XL had been located.


Trevor took the news relatively well, and insists he prefers his completely adequate thermal robe over the previously described "pure kimono perfection" now that he is...well, committed.   

He is such a good sport.  Merry Christmas, baby.  Here is a picture of the robe you will never have:

(Photo Credit HERE)

(I'm so sorry.  You knew I had terrible luck when you married me.  XOXO.)

(And, no.  I'm not sorry enough to go with you to watch TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D.  I've got to draw the line somewhere.)

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That corgi :) said...

Maybe buy it for next year? The good news is you have more than 11 months to try to find the right gift for Christmas 2013 :)