Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Banner's word of the week is "Whoa."  It is his favorite phrase when he does anything from picking up a feather off the floor to opening a door to standing on top of the furniture to playing with the water in the dog bowl.

(Which?  Ew.  Why is he drawn to THAT?)

He has also started stripping at school.  His teachers can't keep clothes on him.  They put his shirt on, turn around and his pants are off.  Put his pants on, and his shirt is suddenly over in the corner.  My baby is destined for the pole.

Or he is just really excited that his old flame from the infant room is moving up to his class this week, and - as Trevor puts it - "Banner wants to impress her with his gun show".



That corgi :) said...

too cute! Let's hope its just a phase now that he has learned how to take his clothes off. Maybe he'll get tired of it and move to something new sooner than later!


Heather said...

My niece waits until she gets home from school to take her clothes off. Usually she just runs around in her underwear. She really hates clothes... Oh, and she's almost eight. So...

Deals On Wheels said...

Heather: OH NO! Eight?! Seriously?!