Saturday, February 23, 2013

A day in the life of Banner (a photo blog with some words)...

Woke up early.  Snuggled with mommy.  Played with daddy.  Ate waffle.  Played peek-a-boo.  Ate banana.  Smushed banana.  Wiped smushed banana on mommy's jammies.  And couch.  Pooped.

Got dressed.  Made mess in room.  Considered taking nap.  Decided against it.  Scared Haskell.

Ran around front yard.  Picked one of mommy's pansies.  Ran around back yard.  Ran around front yard again.  Almost ate dirt. Ate banana cookie instead.  Got in car.  Feel asleep.  Went to lunch.  Met cousin Dani for first time.  Pooped at restaurant.

Ate too much.  Got in car.  Went to Bernie's house.  Passed out (briefly) in chair with butt in air.  Woke up.  Tried to destroy things.

Got back in car.  Refused to nap.  Ate five banana cookies.  Grammy Pammy said, "No more cookies".  Got hands on banana cookie box.  Figured out how to open baby proof packaging.  Ate two more banana cookies.  Went to Grammy Pammy's house.  Stole dog leash.  Wreaked general havoc because on banana cookie high.  Learned to unlock dog crate.  Opened and closed office door at least thirty times.  Spun in circles.  Closed office door again.  Tried to drink out of dog bowl.  Opened and closed most of the cabinets in the kitchen.  Stole plastic juicer.

Ate all of the blueberries out of fruit salad.  Chased the dogs.  Threw a raspberry at Zeus.  Went outside.  Watched chickens.

And bunnies.

Played with wind chimes.  Tooted loudly on camera.

Insisted on climbing stairs 15,000 times.  Watched sunset.  

(Sort of.)

Ate dinner.  Pooped.  

Took bath in sink.  Put on PJs.  Decided too tired to sleep.  Got angry. Passed out.  Woke up.  Confused because not at home in own bed.  Threw hysterical fit.  Got in car.  Cried until mom merged onto highway.  Fell asleep.  Woke up.  Home.  Sleep sack.  Paci.  Bed.  Night, night.

It was a good day.

The end.


That corgi :) said...

pretty sunset! Banner, you looked like you had a busy day!! I like when they find something new they can do, they want to do it over and over again to master it, like open the dog crate, go up and down a step, etc.

Too cute!


DeeDee said...

I miss those days. Now it's cramps and brownie cravings LOL.


Melissa said...

I want you to know that I watched all the videos. But only once.