Friday, September 20, 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words...or stories.

One reason I scan in many of Banner's art projects is because it reminds me of what he was learning at school that week.  Yeah, some of them aren't all that impressive are best described as scribbles, but that isn't the point.  Each "masterpiece" represents a new word or experience in the life of my son.  

Take "yellow" for example.  That was the week he started saying "el-o".

And I can't BEGIN to tell you the leaps and bounds made in Banner's vocabulary since they started learning the alphabet.  It has been incredible.

During A week, he learned the word "apple".  Except when he says it, it is more like "ap-pool".  He took an armadillo and an alligator for show-and-tell that week.  Thank goodness Amy and William gave Banner all their beanie babies back when I was pregnant.  Without them, there would be much more scrambling on my end to come up with something letter appropriate for him to take to school each week.

The letter B was when he rediscovered a stuffed bear that his Gran had given him back around the time he was born.  He now insists on sleeping with him every night and has named him "RWAR". 

The letter C brought us our first documented example of Banner's ability to recognize letters unprompted.  I drive a GMC, and during C week, Banner marched right out into the garage, pointed at the C in G-M-C, and proudly declared "Ceeeeee".

Obviously, the kid is brilliant and destined for Harvard.

C is for CIRCLES


D week, he became re-obsessed with his dogs, and started carrying around his stuffed puppy that a friend of mine from high school sent me when he was born.  "Pup-eee" also sleeps in the crib with Wubby and RWAR.  It is getting crowded in there.

E was all about elephants and ELMO.  He actually tried to steal an Elmo toy from school at the end of the week.  And I use the word "steal" loosely, because he saw me, ran over to the table, picked up the Elmo and his water, walked to the door and said, "buh-bye".  He was not happy at all when he learned that Elmo had to stay behind.  

Leaving school that day was an exercise in futility.  We would get halfway down the hall before he'd turned around abruptly and start sobbing "Elmo" over and over again.  He even tried running back to his classroom.  I felt particularly bad for one of the infant room teachers who commented on Banner's Demarcus Ware jersey on our way out.  She thought she had said something to upset Banner, but he had just remembered for the 100th time that we were leaving Elmo behind and was devastated.  I ended up having to pick Banner up and carry him to the car.  We were hysterical about Elmo on and off for the rest of the evening.  I'm pretty sure the definition of pathetic is listening to your toddler cry themselves to sleep in their crib over their lack of Elmo.  It was like he lost his best friend.

Two days later, after hearing about nothing but Elmo ALL weekend, Trevor decided he couldn't take it anymore, and surprised Banner with his very first Elmo and Grover.  So, for now, all is right and well with the world.  Apparently, I was unaware that this is the age when kids start obsessing over Elmo.  He has never seen Sesame Street, though, so I thought he was immune.  Boy, was I wrong.  Elmo is like a disease that toddlers catch when you are least expecting it.

Although, it is cute to watch Banner proudly introduce his Elmo and Grover to everyone who comes over.  He is so proud.

This week is F week.  Banner is learning about fish, fruit, frogs AND FOOTBALL.  Trevor is thrilled.  Lord help the rest of us.

As a side note, I find it rather humorous that Banner knows what noise a fish makes but has no idea what a donkey, elephant or fox says.  

20 letters to go.  Assuming Banner doesn't get moved up to the two's early, we should finish right around his second birthday.

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