Friday, September 20, 2013

Picture Day...

The best thing about picture day?  This note that went home the day before:

If banner will be here tomorrow for breakfast, please do not put on
his picture day clothes!  Its yogurt day tomorrow!  Thanks.

Because MY child usually looks like this after meals:

Do you see the hummus in his hair?  Because...yeah.  He's a mess.

As are our walls?  The kid leaves his mark:

Thank goodness for the Magic Eraser.

But I digress. 

The decision to cut Banner's hair was made AFTER picture day.  At the time, I was all "Oh my babaaaaay!" about his curls, and now I'm like, "OMG, my kid looked like a redneck" in his very first school pictures.


A least the images are memorable.  


Not that I find them unadorable or anything.  I love my little trike-riding mullet baby.

And, yes.  I just used unadorable in a sentence.  It is like a total legit word now.  Just like selfie, derp and FOMO.

In fact, the only way Banner could have possibly been any cuter is if he had been covered in yogurt.  Duh.

I'm also fascinated by the fall backdrop and fake leaves, because I spent TWO DAYS stressing over what color background to use.  You had to preselect it on the form when giving permission to let the photographers photograph your child.  The choices ranged from blue to purple to white.  I finally chose gray because I thought blue eyes + blue shirt + blue background was overkill.  And then the proofs came back and were all autumn leaves and clouds floating in the sky.  Not a single gray background in the lot.

I am assuming this is a message from the universe to me to stop over thinking things that don't really matter.  

(Obviously, the universe has never met me.  I spent twenty minutes this morning rewording a single sentence in an email to a coworker about coffee.)

Plus, it isn't like I didn't buy them all.  Because (again) MY BABAAAAAAY! I can't even delete the bad or blurry pictures of him on my iPhone.  True story.

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