Friday, November 01, 2013

Harvest Parties...

There were two parties at Banner's school last week.  One was a class gathering where the kiddos decorated pumpkins with stickers.

Well, except MY kid, who just decorated himself: 

I love the third eyeball.

There was an event at work for the class party on Wednesday, so Trevor and my dad attended in my absence.  My favorite story from the class party, however, involves my father.  I can't remember if I've blogged about it before or not, but my dad visits Banner 1-2 times a week at school.  He had surgery on his back in May, and his physical therapist offices near Banner's day care.  So, after therapy, my dad frequently stops by to see his grandson.  Every time he visits, dad offers Banner a Starbucks mint from a tin in his pocket.  As a result, Banner now associates my father with do the rest of Banner's classmates.

So imagine, if you will, the class party.  My dad walks in the door and Banner and all of his classmates run up to greet him...AND IMMEDIATELY START STICKING THEIR HANDS DOWN HIS PANT POCKETS LOOKING FOR MINTS.

Trevor had to explain to the other parents what was going on.  ;P

The all-school party was on Thursday, and - thanks to having to work late the night before - it was no problem for me to sneak away from the office a little bit early to attend.  Each class was assigned a football team, and all the kids got to go on a sticker scavenger hunt to all the classrooms.  It was a blast.

Banner's class was TCU.  Since no one in the family are alums, Amy had the brilliant idea to use purple duct tape and decorate one of Banner's white shirts:

Banner's teachers thought Amy's final product was so cute that they asked each of the kids in the class to bring in a white shirt, and Ebony and Natasha decorated it with purple tape so all of the toddlers in room seven matched.  Then, they dressed in purple shirts with white tape with "COACH" on the back.  It was adorable.

And, of course, what is a friendly competition without eyeblack?  Yeah, exactly.

Toddler game face:

After everyone was dressed and finished with snack, Banner taught his classmates how to "hut, hut".  Had he been there, I'm sure it would have been Trevor's proudest moment:

But attention spans are short when you are a toddler, and slides are very tempting. 

And did I mention Banner's Halloween socks?  Because nothing gets you in the mood for a little trick-or-treating like festive jack-o-lanterns on your toes!

(Thanks, Mom!)

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