Saturday, September 20, 2014

About the Woo...

Oh, Gypsy, Gypsy, Gypsy.

Earlier this month Gypsy came down an ear infection and double yeast infection on her back paws.  Because of course she did. 

She's now so hyper sensitive to yeast that she has zero tolerance and immediately starts to worry the affected area.  Which is fabulous if it is late on a Friday when you first notice that the itchy b*tch is itchier than usual.  And when I say "itchier than usual" I really mean "gnawing and licking her paws until they bleed".  So, I did what any reasonable dog mom in a desperate situation would do.  I filled socks with corn starch and taped them on her back paws (hey, corn starch works for diaper rash!).  And you know what?  It was a miracle.  The corn starch dried out the yeast and the socks kept her from licking her paws anymore.  Problem (temporarily) solved!

Of course, she totally got back at me by WALKING.  Clearly, I didn't think everything through because:

Well played, Woo.  Well played.

Later that same night, or rather the wee hours of the morning (specifically 4 AM), her ear started to bother her.  Earlier it had just been warm and tender to the touch.  But in the predawn hours of the day, it suddenly escalated to I MUST SHAKE MY HEAD EVERY TEN SECONDS.  This was not only annoying (4 IN THE MORNING!), but also cause for concern because Gypsy has a history of ear hematomas.  And, OMG, I CAN'T GO DOWN THAT ROAD AGAIN.

Which is how this happened: 

Yes, that's my dog with a dish towel duct taped to her head.
In my defense, I used Avengers duct tape.

Before you go and call the SPCA on me, the vet actually congratulated me on my efforts to both soothe Gypsy and keep her from making a bad situation worse.  Because dogs with a history of ear hematomas are more likely than those without to get another ear hematoma.  Believe me when I tell you that a dish towel temporarily duct taped on her head (until we could make it to the vet) was the most humane of all the options.   

Even if she does look like a little, old lady with a head scarf.

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MrsSmeej said...

Loved your blog and hope Gypsy is feeling much better.