Wednesday, October 22, 2014

That week we hit our head a lot...

I know it is all part of the boy package (or maybe he is just clumsy like his mama?), but we recently had one of those weeks plagued with injury.  First Banner managed to get attacked by his train table.  Still not entirely sure how he managed it, but I think it involved his desire to flip the table top over to the side with the waterways and trees.  Which is how he ended up with the goose egg in the photo above. 
And, yes.  In case you are wondering, he IS smiling in that picture because he got an ice pack AND a band aid.  Nothing makes a boo-boo totally worth it like an ice pack and a band aid (even if the band aid is on your hand...NO WHERE NEAR THE BOO-BOO). 
And what's icing on the ice pack and band aid cake?  Getting to walk into your classroom with said icepack and boo-boo, and all the other kids and teachers are like, "Oh, no!  Banner, what happened?"  To which he PROMPTLY replied, "I bump my head on my train table" (complete with oh-so dramatic sigh).  He was pretty much a celebrity at that moment, and he milked that attention FOR DAYS.
Then he fell off the couch after school a day or two later and landed on his head because of course he did.  Sadly (for him) I refused to put a band aid in his hair.  I'm guessing the poor boy will need years of therapy to recover from this slight.
Finally, Saturday rolled around and with it karate class.  They were warming up with a game of RED LIGHT/GREEN LIGHT when Banner failed to stop and rear ended the kid in front of him with his face.  All was okay for about 30 seconds, but then the blood started to gush from his nose. 
Sigh.  Boys.
Luckily, Banner was fine (as was the kid he ran into).  Well, technically Ban sort of started to stutter about this same time, but I was told by his pediatrician that that is pretty normal.  And I mean that developmentally.  Not because he broke himself by bumping his head so many times in a week.  Because, believe me, I asked for clarification. 
Also, I got all that blood out of his uniform.  I was so proud of myself until Trevor informed me that blood stains make you look tough and give you "street cred". 
Even when I win, I lose.
In other news, after nearly a month hiatus, I'm feeling the urge to write again.  Mainly, because it has been a stress filled September and October and I need an outlet before I implode.  No promises, of course, but I'm optimistic.  If nothing else, writing about my little guy makes me happy, and...well, I need a little of that right now.

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