Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Trevor promised to take him camping, so this keeps happening...

In related news, Banner has gotten waaaaaay too comfortable peeing outside.  I blame Trevor and our attempts at potty training on top of a mountain back in August.

Not long after the lower two pictures were taken, Banner announced he had to pee and immediately dropped trou.  He was alarming close to my head (I was lying on the ground), so I told him to quickly relocate to his big boy potty inside.  He complied, and ran inside sans pants.  I stayed behind briefly in the backyard to gather up all the blankets, his pants, miscellaneous toys, etc.

And that's when I heard it. 


The doorbell ran, the dogs went crazy and - most alarmingly - I heard Banner veer off course AND OPEN THE FRONT DOOR.


I immediately dropped everything, and ran inside only to discover the following:

1. Haskell "hiding" on his bed.
2. My son, without pants, standing in front of a very open front door screaming for Alley.
3. Alley SPRINTING across the front yard for the street.
4. Gypsy eagerly greeting a very confused looking cub scout and his father on our front porch.

I confess:  I just stood there for a split second not knowing what to do or where to start.

Since the most pressing issue seemed to be my suicidal dog, I ran after her first, convinced her freedom wasn't all it was cracked up to be and got her (and Gypsy) back in the house.  Then, I told Banner to go to the potty before he had an accident (he did and - thank goodness - returned wearing pants).  Then, and only then, did I turn my attention to the poor cub scout and his dad, who - bless them - were only trying to sell popcorn to raise money for their troop. 

I tried to apologize by buying the biggest box I could find.  Banner was thrilled we had visitors, the dad seemed amused by the entire spectacle and his son left with renewed hope that he might be able to raise enough money to qualify for a prize.  Hopefully a win-win for all.

Except for me, and my poor mortified heart.  ;P

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