Friday, October 31, 2014


We've had THREE costumes since late August/early September.  The idea was (since they were only $15 each) that Banner could "gently" wear them all before Halloween, and then have a pretty decent costume bin for dress up after the holiday had come and gone.

There was much debate, leading up to Halloween, about which costume Banner would ultimately choose for trick-or-treating.  Spiderman had been favored for weeks, and that was the costume of choice at Brook Hollow's annual costume party the Sunday before Halloween:

The boots make the outfit.

However, as Halloween approached, Captain America jumped ahead of the competition.  Banner even announced to his classmates that he was going to be "Cap'in Murica".  Many assumed the matter was settled.

But then the holiday arrived, and - after all this choices were presented to him - the HULK was ultimately triumphant.  It was an amazing come from behind victory that no one saw coming.  It was also very short lived, because the Hulk mask "hurt".  So short lived, in fact, that someone's mama didn't even get a chance to snap a picture (sigh).

So it was second place Captain America that actually made an appearance on Halloween night.  Fellow superheroes Superman, Ironman and Spiderman also joined in for the fun, because OF COURSE:

The best part of the night was how seriously Banner...err, Captain America took his superhero responsibilities.  Because, clearly, crime fighting is no joking matter:

(Well, mostly...)

Unexpected problem:  knocking while holding both a
shield and a bucket is impossible when you are two.

Captain America also had quite the haul of goodies.  Lucky for us, he was too tired to appreciate it.  In fact, he was too tired to even take a bath.  Poor little guy was out like a light (because, again, crime fighting is hard, y'all). 

Until next year...

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