Monday, January 05, 2015

3 Year Old Wellness...

Banner had his three year old wellness today, and is doing great.  I was a little worried he'd have to get shots, but apparently he won't get any more of those until his wellness next year after he turns four.  I was thrilled with the reprieve since getting shots today would have probably ruined the excitement of "going to the doctor" for the little guy.  Between two and three, Banner only had to go to the pediatrician twice (once for his flu vaccine and another time in early December for this weird, annoying virus.  I wasn't planning take him in at all, but the advice nurse wanted him seen since it had been going on for a while), so the whole getting to go thing was a bit of a novelty. 

Of course, I'm always fascinated by the fact that every year since Banner was born has been a remarkably BAD flu season.  Which means I get to go to the germiest place on the planet for a "wellness" visit at the height of flu season every year.  Awesome.

But, other than that, the visit was fine.  Banner was scared of the nurse and refused to stand up straight when they were measuring him.  When Trevor did the same thing at home, though, Banner was just over 40 inches.  Not that it makes a huge difference one way or the other.  The kid is simply tall.  Everyone thinks he is at least four, which is hard because the little guy just turned three.  Being rather tall myself, I remember this being difficult growing up because people expected more of me (assuming I was older than I really was).  When I see this happening to Ban, I get a little defensive.  He's not slow!  Just TALL!

In related news, I found my baby book last spring with some of my stats in the first three years, and thought it would be interesting to see how Banner compared to Trevor and I in terms of growth.  Of course, different doctors had different well visit schedules, and...well, even the best intentioned mother (Hi, Gram and Jeep!) may have fallen a little behind in their record keeping.  ;P

That said, I still find the following pretty interesting.  Especially the part about Banner and I being the same height at age three. 

(I desperately cling to any similarity I can find, because the kid is really a mini Trevor.)

Anyway, enjoy:

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