Sunday, January 04, 2015

Three? Seriously? When did THAT happen?

Somehow nothing seems to sum up my three year old as well as this Facebook status update:

Who knew three came with so much sass?  As Trevor so eloquently put it, "Nothing says you got game more than picking up chicks next to the Bounty display".  The kid definitely has more confidence than I've ever had in my collective 34 years.

And to clarify, he DID have a party.  It just happened to be a party that involved mostly people his parents' age.  In fact, there was only one guest that was also three (although there were several babies and toddlers in attendance as well).  

Of course, we might have had more in attendance had his mother, say, not almost forgotten his birthday (hangs head in shame).  For whatever reason, I had it in my mind that there was a week between New Year's and Banner's birthday.  Except there isn't.  There are FOUR DAYS. 

Thank goodness that someone invented evite for precisely this reason.

The theme was SUPER HEROES, and there was even a kick a$$ cake:

And, of course, Ban couldn't WAIT to dress up (he's reallllllly into the cos play).  Here he is a The Hulk, which caused sweet Peyton (only 18 months) to completely freak out and run to her daddy's arms for safety.

Terrifying toddlers the world over!

Don't worry, though.  He made up for it later by taking Miss Peyton on a ride in his Hummer.  Although he was upset that we wouldn't let him drive in high speed with a passenger (Uncle Yum unlocked that feature for Christmas.  That thing goes FAAAAST now). 

Happy Birthday, Banner!  We love you so much and you bring so much joy and laughter to our lives everyday.  XOXO, Mom and Dad

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