Friday, January 02, 2015

Yep. Another recap...

So, the holidays happened.

Since I clearly posted NOTHING to document them while they were actually here, I figured a bit of a recap was in order. With that in mind, here goes nothing:

*  We've been terrible about going to church recently, and yet Banner - out of nowhere - prompted the family to say grace before both Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. He even mumbled something that sounded like a prayer before clearly stating, "A MAN". Cutest thing.

*  Banner told anyone who asked that he wanted a bike and "some trains" for either his birthday or Christmas. On the day we went to do the whole Santa thing, he was determined to convey this message to the big guy. But, well...Banner froze in Santa's presence (he was terrified). In order to get a cute picture (because: priorities!), Trevor had to faux hit and vomit on my head (instant smiles, y'all. I don't even understand).

About a week later, we went to Candlelight at Dallas Heritage Village. St. Nick was also in attendance, and Banner - determined to make sure his wish list got to the proper authorities - considered the situation for a second, took a deep breath, marched up to St. Nick's lap, climbed on and said "bike and trains" while staring nervously at the floor. And that, as they say, was that. He was done. No smile. No eye contact. No nothing. Just "bike and trains" and Banner climbed down and walked over to me with a mixed expression of "I did it!" combined with palpable relief that it was over and that Santa guy knew what he wanted.

*  The kid fell in love with the first half of The Polar Express. He is completely in awe of the movie up until the scene with the marionette dolls. And then he is done. Not that I blame him, mind you. Toys can be very creepy. Plus, I'm also a little weary of the whole deserted Santa village and skipping record thing. He might look like a miniature Trevor, but Ban and I are on the same page when it comes to disturbing.

*  Every time we drove past Christmas lights or trees, Banner would exclaim, "Look! Look, mom! Christmas!"

*  Banner's main Christmas present from everyone was a Big Boy Room. Because, as wonderful as baby jail has been, the kid could not sleep in a crib forever. The funny thing is, we would have moved him awhile ago, but he's never tried to climb out (except that ONE TIME back in September 2013 when he fell out. Lesson apparently learned).

The transition was bittersweet, though. On one hand, Banner was just so excited. We intended to keep the room a surprise until Christmas morning, but our house is just too small for secrets like that. So, instead, we made him a part of it. He helped move his toys, clothes and books, and watched us hang decorations and unwrap bedding.  His first sleep in the room, however, wasn't until Christmas.

On the other hand, however, moving into the Big Boy Room meant leaving everything baby and nursery behind. I thought for sure he'd want his baby blankets that he has been sleeping with since infancy. After all, he asked for his favorite blanket the night before (Christmas Eve), and requested I fold it into a pillow (as was our routine). But, on Christmas night, when I dutifully brought his favorite blankets to him, he stopped me and said, "No, mom. Those are for babies. I'm a big boy now."

I'd be lying if I said I didn't tear up.

I made myself feel better by telling myself that he'd want them back eventually. So, I folded them up in the other room and waited for him to request them. A few days went by and nothing, so I washed them so they'd be fresh and clean. Still nothing. So, I put them in the closet so they'd be ready to go at a moment's request. And...well, nothing. It's been over a week now and I'm starting to realize this might be permanent. I guess I should be proud and happy that the transition been so easy and has gone so well, but I just can't help but feel a little sad that my baby really is growing up.

*  Never allow your child to ride around in the back of the car unsupervised with stickers...

*  In case you were worried, the little guy DID get a bike and "some trains" on Christmas. As we were driving home on Christmas night, Banner sighed contentedly in the backseat and said, "Santa listened!  I got everything I wanted!" Granted, the bike is a tad big for him at the moment, but everyone is confident that it will be the perfect size by the spring when the weather is better for riding.

*  Trevor learned the hard way to never to sneak off to the bedroom to take a nap while your wife is on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor hours before hosting a Christmas Eve party for friends and family.  Because, no.  Just don't do it, Trevor.

*  Banner got a new pair of house slippers from my mom.  They look like dinosaur feet, and - whenever he puts them on - he spends at least 10 minutes stomping around the house roaring.

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