Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I honestly thought we were going to skip winter this year.  Especially when it started getting into the 70s mid month and things started to bloom.  And then *WHAM*.  We had an ice storm.  Which, tragically, means that Banner now thinks ice is snow.  

(College me is mortified.)

Also, I'm pretty sure my wisteria isn't going to bloom ever again after Mother Nature has fooled it with late freezes two years in a row.  And it had buds already!  BUDS!  Shame.

Work has been a doozy lately, so - honestly - a couple of random days off here and there for ice were fine with me.  My house never feels as warm and cozy as it does when it is cold outside and I'm home with my boys.  

Here are some of my favorite pictures:

I sent this to one of my college friends and she laughed.

The girls stole his bed.  Haskell was not amused.

Can't wait to experience "winter".

To be fair, that is solid ice.

The brisk temps turned the dogs back into pups!

Sadly, "winter" killed my rain gauge.  

Obligatory photo of our patio furniture.  You are welcome.  

Banner kept calling the ice snow.
Even Haskell was embarrassed.

And because I really don't know what to say about Dallas overreacting to winter yet again (except that the naps I took were GLORIOUS), here is a video Trevor took of Banner in the backyard.  The downside to "snow" days is that it is getting really, really, REALLY hard to wear that boy out.

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