Tuesday, February 07, 2006

On the subject of color photographs...

So, incase you didn't notice, Katie has changed her profile picture.

No warning, no nothing. Just *BAM!* new photo. We, her reading public, are expected to adjust accordingly (a concept that is often referred to as "adapt or parish" on ANIMAL PLANET, but I digress).

This is not the first time that Katie has done this, either. Her first profile picture (at least to my knowledge) had her staring at the ground - looking rather pensive. It always made me speculate:

Then, because my mind wonders, I'd imagine that she was really pondering:

or (after today):

Anyway, I was (originally) a little sad about this latest change in "Katie Imagery" because I never got to ask about the "random nose" in the old...errrrr...I mean, second profile picture.

I’ve always assumed that the nose belonged to Jes who – for whatever reason – was dressed up like JEM, the cartoon rock star from the mid 1980's...

...but that would mean the picture was taken at some sort of Halloween or costume-requisite event or party. However, since Katie did not appear to be in costume, this did not make a whole lot of sense (unless, of course, Jes is the kind of person who randomly puts on a masquerade, which - quite frankly - might be a possibility when it comes to Jes...who knows?!).

Then, I saw something that made me think differently:

This further supported the costume party idea, but I was still lacking in the "proof" department. Well, that is until I remembered seeing THIS POST from Halloween, 2005, on Katie's BLOG.

So, Katie HAD posted about it - complete with pictures - way back in October! My mystery was really not a mystery at all! It's a wonder that I didn't make the connection before today (actually I find it to be a little embarrassing, to be honest).

The worst moment for me, though, was in learning that Jes's costume that night was, in fact, "Sydney Bristow" - not JEM.

Anyway, no worries. I am never "mystery-less" for long (I'm special that way). I already have a new one surrounding Katie's most recent picture.

Want to know what it is?


Okay, here you go:

Hehe...just kidding.

That's not what I really think about when I see the picture (although, I can't say that I'm not curious, never-the-less).

The new "Katie Photo" actually makes me think of a very specific story - a story that, might I add, was the reason that I decided to post about Katie's new picture in the first place.

Every time I see the new photo of Katie in black and white, it reminds me of last spring when a group of kids came to the museum on a tour. They were young (probably 4th graders) and I was showing them a bunch of pictures that were taken in Texas back in the in the 1930's.

Needless to say, the pictures were all in black and white.

One little boy raised his hand and asked me, "So, when the world got color, why didn't they add color to these old pictures, too?"

The little booger actually thought that, in the past, the ENTIRE world - not just old photographs - was in black and white. People were in black and white, and they only saw each other in black and white. Water, mountains, the sun - all were represented in shades of gray. It wasn't the film or the technology of the time - it was the WORLD that was colorless.

Where do you even begin to correct this...this...this misconception?!

After all, this little boy had seen old movies, so he knew that it was true. According to him, the very concept of "color" was a quasi-recent phenomenon.


So, every time I see Katie's new profile photo, that is the story that will come to my mind. I will think of THAT little boy and wonder aloud, "Katie, you must be a whole lot older than you say you are if you had your picture taken WAY back before the Earth had color".

Alas. Kids today...


Aim Claim said...

I am so glad you solved the nose mystery, I was wondering.

new picture... I know, I know!... BSF prom! She does look HOT doesn't she! What do you say Katie?

Amstaff Mom said...

HA HA HA. I can't WAIT for K-T to see your post. You do alot of thinking my blogger friend. I thought about changing my blog pic. Good thing I didn't!

Katie said...

I can't just comment on here, I had to blog about it.

But I will say this, of all the things I could have encountered this morning, this post was just the best surprise and brought much laughter.

Katie said...

stupid blogger just ate my comment so I will try again:

My FIRST profile pic is not actually of me staring at the ground but at a small pond in jes's apartment complex. I'm sitting on a dock of sorts leaning over the railing intently looking at a school of minnows who had just decided to attack my toes as they lingered in the pond while i tried to portray the ethereal "girl sitting on dock with feet in water" look. Those stupid minnows thought my toes were vienna sausages (thin and long ones at that, seriously my toes are L.O.N.G.) and figured this was feeding time. So in fact, in the pic, my legs are straight out in front of me hovering over the water teasing the pirrana-like minnows as I try to appear serene and photo worthy.

Ben said...

I like this post because it indicates the level of thought you put into EVERYTHING. I saw Katie's last photo... and I saw that she was next to someone... but I didn't think twice about it... Your attention to detail is AMAZING. I just look past things like this. I did think... Katie needs to change her picture because it looks like she is trying to cut someone out of the picture. I think my favorite picture of Katie so far is the one where she is trying to appear serene and photo worthy... I always thought she was leaning on a fence watching horses... Now I know her feet were getting gnawed on by minnows.

Amstaff Mom said...

The many faces of K-T.


And the riding the horse pic cracks me up. As does the piranha-like minnows story.

I just noticed that your date stamp on our comments follows the British calendar.

Deals On Wheels said...

Hehe...so, how long are your toes, Katie? Do you have to wear special shoes - like the ones made for basketball players – to accommodate your super long toes?

Wait?! My comments have the British date-stamp on them? Talk about attention to detail (although, I am happy to know about this. I'm dyslexic, and it presents itself mainly when I view numbers. I transpose everything numerical, so it is good to know for sure that something is backwards. I'm never completely sure)!

Katie said...

and I will say that my baby pics are in color so I was born after color was invented in the world formerly known as "black, white, and shades of grey"

jes said...

My poor, poor nose. Always misunderstood. Though I must say that:
a) I am glad you realized I was Sydney Bristow
b) I wish I would have though of JEM. But then Roger's costume as Michael Vaugn wouldn't have made sense.
c) KT's leapord ears were because she was dressed up as a ... (dare I say it?) kitty.

However, I must tell you:
a) KT was sitting on a dock, looking down into the water
b) She WAS thinking about that hairy chest with the chocolates
c) But we'll never get her to admit that.

i think kt looks so beautiful in this picture. she's so damn photogenic.

Deals On Wheels said...

So, if "grey" is the color, than what is "gray"?

I mean, I know that "gray" means essentially the same thing (and in the context of the post, they are almost interchangeable). "Gray" = old, aged, ancient, dreary, depressing, melancholy, drab, lifeless, colorless, dull, uninspiring, overcast, cloudy, foggy, dull, bleak, etc., which are all things that I think of when I see the color "grey".

The English language is stupid...

Katie said...

ahahahahaha, am I the only one who finds irony that a "nose" is a major point of discussion in this post as well as the word "grey" as in "jennifer grey" who had a "nose" that caused a lot of discussion

and how many other words can I put "quotes" around before they become "annoying"?

Deals On Wheels said...

Jes: I agree. Katie is way too photogenic. She should be stopped. This might be a job for Sydney Bristow (assuming, of course, that you still have the wig). Maybe Katie is allergic to carrots?...hide some in her food and see if she turns orange.

Maybe next year you should go as JEM. I feel as though JEM has been prematurely forgotten, and that could be considered tragic (in some circles). Maybe your calling for 2006 is to recapture JEM's 1985 popularity. If anyone can do it, it's you (plus, finding a wig in that shade of purple is half the battle, after all).

Katie said...

i love jem, in fact i wanted to be jem

I would pull on my ear, say "Synergy" and expect to be transformed into a rocker chick with wild hair, a super voice, and special powers

but alas, nothing ever happened

Amstaff Mom said...

I don't remember Jem AT ALL. In fact, the first time I ever read about her was in one of those "you grew up in the 80's if..." things.

I was sheltered though. Extremely sheltered.

Ben said...

I never heard of JEM either... but then I grew up in the 70's and I would have been finished watching cartoons and studying subjects like rocket science and nuclear physics by then... besides that I am a guy and I can imagine any boy watching "JEM."

Lia said...

You just added to my list of reasons not to post a profile pic.

I really like that story about the little boy and the b&w universe. They already made the movie, though - and not very well. But I think it's cute.

Stephanie said...

Oh my word, this was absolutely friggin' hilarious!

Deals, how do you LIVE with yourself inside your own head day in and day out! I would crack me up all the time! I would be laughing out loud all day long and people would look at me funny!

Well, at least that's what I would do if *I* were you. lol

Great post!

RR said...

I like how Stephanie's picture makes her look like she really is laughing at Deals' story. Hee hee.

green said...

Deals: how long did it take you to create this post with the picture editing and all? Simply amazing.
Katie IS photogenic. (lucky) I like the "first" picture best because of the story that now goes with it (*laughing*) but all of her pictures have been good.

Deals On Wheels said...

Actually, it didn't take me very long to edit the pictures. I have to use publisher all of the time for work, so I've gotten pretty good at doing things quickly (at least in terms of manipulating photos and such).

I'm glad everyone liked my post. It finally shed some much needed light into the world of KATIE. Who else could manage to look so pretty and photogenic while her toes are being attacked by "piranha-like minnows"?!

Katie said...

Well Miss Deals, just for you, today I will be sporting a new image of your creation

Deals On Wheels said...