Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Poem...

One of my coworkers spoke to a group of eight cub scouts last week.

When he returned, I asked him how it went. He told me that he'd email me about it later.

This is what I received:

"All went well until one of them had to let a fart
And then it was tough to do my part
I tried not to smile in the throws of passion
And their leader tried to let him know that was not in fashion

All in all they sat and listened
They stayed at attention and in their position
They are so full of life
Awaiting their turn in the world of strife

They smile and they are polite
But a fart is in their relationship sight
History is stuff that is old
But the ability to fart on demand, well that is quite bold

And to laugh about something so crude
That makes their day and makes adults the prude
I wonder when they will convert to social graces
And try to win the polite races

It is when a girl will look at them
Smile and make their hair trim
Then a fart will never be
A part of what their public will see"


Amstaff Mom said...

Unless they are my husband or his bro
and then they will never outgrow.

Deals On Wheels said...


Thanks for adding to the poem (I like how it even rhymes)!

Amstaff Mom said...

Well, I try. :)