Saturday, February 18, 2012

I might be a smidge competitive...

I was finally cleared to work out again by my doctor on Thursday, so today Trevor and I headed to the gym for the first time together since the baby arrived. Amy was babysitting, and - before walking out the door - Trevor joked that we'd be back sooner than later because, "Deal[s] will probably run a tenth of a mile, get winded and decide to call it a day".

My husband is such an a$$hat sometimes.

Granted, I had no big expectations. After all, I had not worked out since before New Year's, or done any serious running since last April (when, thanks to my history of bad veins, my OBGYN pulled the plug on any high impact aerobic activity). Still, I was desperate to at least attempt to jog. I love to run and have really missed it over the course of my pregnancy and early mommyhood. So, it should be no big surprise to anyone really that I made a beeline to the treadmill upon arriving at the gym.

And jog I did. In fact, I ran a 5K. Without stopping. Even with my gigantic boobs bouncing painfully all over the place.

True, it was a sloooooow 3.1 miles. Despite my pace being a leisurely 5.5 mph, my heart rate climbed up to 173. And it took me nearly 35 minutes to complete the whole thing, so I am obviously not winning any races. Still, I was proud of myself and the fact that I made Trevor eat his words.

I stayed on the treadmill for an additional 25 minutes walking at a brisk pace uphill while Trevor finished lifting and impressing the lesser men at the gym with his ability to bench press the equivalent of a small horse.

(Seriously. He lifts a lot. And can make his boobs twitch like The Rock, which - if you are Trevor - is just about the coolest thing ever.)

And afterwards, thanks in part to today's fantastically dreary and incredibly rainy afternoon, I have managed to do more or less nothing except nurse and play with my baby and watch movies. Which, in hindsight, has been pretty wonderful. Why couldn't last year's series of snow days happen THIS year? Because I can't imagine anything better than being snowed in with my little family of three for a few days!

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Jess said...

I just came across your blog and enjoyed reading this post so much. You calling Trevor an a$$hat is the equivalent of what I call my husband on a pretty regular basis! :-)