Thursday, May 17, 2012

It is a marvel...

Tonight I went to my first movie in a theater since Banner was born with Trevor, Amy and Adam, while the kiddo hung out at home with a sitter.  The movie?  The Avengers.  Because, you know, it has Thor in it.

I had been looking forward to seeing the movie for weeks, so it would make complete sense that I would fall asleep within thirty minutes of the movie starting.  Apparently, I am became too old to see a 7:50 movie on a "school night" since becoming a parent.  Figures.

I, however, was able to stay awake long enough to discover something interesting.

Let me explain.

Trevor has always, since childhood, been a fan of the Hulk. If you were to look back at pictures of little boy Trevor, you would see years of Hulk action figures, costumes and birthday cakes.

See?  He LOVED the Hulk!

The Hulk, like Thor, is a member of the Avengers.  But what I never realized (not being a huge Hulk fan and all) was that the Hulk, like Superman, had an alter ego.  For Superman it was Clark Kent.  And the Hulk?

That's right:  Dr. Bruce BANNER.

So, basically, I accidentally named my son after a comic book superhero.  No wonder Trevor was so quick to jump on the "Let's name our kid 'Banner'" bandwagon.  Since he couldn't sell me on "Thor", Banner was a pretty awesome runner up .  And it had the added benefit of being a family name on his wife's side, so she'd be none the wiser until...

...until, well, it was too late.

Did you seriously name me after the Hulk, daddy?
Yes, son but don't tell your mother.

You should have seen Trevor's smile in the movie theater when I realized what had happened.  I don't think he has ever been more proud of himself.  His grin was ear to ear.

[Shakes head]

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This is my life so far said...

Laughing out LOUD!!!!! SOOOOOO funny! I did not know that either..... guess we all learned something new :) Is the movie good?