Saturday, September 01, 2012

The flight home...

Banner's second flight in an airplane was not as good as his first one.  Mom and Michael had to take the plane up above 16,000 feet to avoid some of the turbulence, and the air became rather thin.  The pilots had to be on oxygen (per FAA regulations).  As passengers, we had access to it, too, but the masks didn't fit Banner properly.  Since he couldn't have any, Trevor and I avoided it as well.       

Ironically, this same flight was better for me, which I don't pretend to understand.  Maybe I was just more relaxed now that we were going home?  Or maybe all the thin air was making me giddy?  Whatever it was, it was nice to have a break from the worst of the nausea and air sickness.

That is NOT to say that I felt good.  I was just nowhere near the throw up danger zone.

And, because I don't post enough pictures on my blog, here is the visual documentation of the flight back home:

Back in North Texas.

Open the door!

Within moments of landing, Trevor had an allergy attack.  Which just goes to show how shocking it is physically to go from the clean mountain air of Colorado to smoggy Dallas, Texas.  


I took Banner inside to get out of the heat while the plane was unloaded and the cars were brought back from the valet.  While waiting, another private plane arrived carrying several Alabama football fans from Mobile.  One of the passengers was quite possibly the most vacuous individual I have ever met.  Not only did she ask me where Colorado was ("Really?  I've never heard of it.  Where is it?  Oh, wait.  Is that where Breckenridge is?  Don't they have, like, skiing there?  Did you just get back from skiing?  It is winter all the time there, right?"), she also referred to Banner as an "it".  Which, quite frankly, is always the preferred pronoun of mothers everywhere.


After loading the car, we set off to pick up the Awesome Pawsome from camp.  My mom's dogs are fine, but it was so nice to be reunited with our own pack.  They stank to high heaven, though, so I braved the 104 temps (welcome back to Texas, y'all!) in the name of canine odor control and gave them all baths. 

I'm not sure if they were simply exhausted or depressed that they were back home, but Gypsy, Alley and Haskell had all put themselves to bed by 8 PM.  We couldn't even convince them to go outside one last time before closing up for the night.

Banner, on the other hand, was an hour off and didn't start rubbing his eyes until closer to 8:30.  The time change really didn't effect us on the way out there, but I guess it is easier to fall back than spring forward if you are a wee little guy.  Hopefully this will mean that we will sail through the upcoming time change in October with flying colors.  If he is anything like his mama, he will appreciate that extra hour of sleep.

So, anyway, we are home now and I've only cried twice.  Part of me is relieved to be back and the other part is already mourning returning to work on Tuesday.  I've really loved being able to spend so much time with Banner during these last two weeks, and I don't want it to end.  If only I could find a part time job that pays what I make working full time in the same field, we could have the best of both worlds - work (and money) for me doing something I love, playtime with other babies for Banner and more time spent together for the both of us.  What a perfect thing that would be!  A girl can dream, right?

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