Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another update that was supposed to be short, but...well, isn't.

Football beach pose.

I'm trying to be better about posting my lists of updates and photos before I forget everything and/or the word count gets too out of control.

(Yeah.  We will see how long that lasts.  Ha!  I already have a feeling that this post will be on the longer side, and I've barely begun!)

It is just that the holidays are upon us.  I worry if I don't start listing these little memories, they will be lost forever.  It is my baby's first Christmas season.  I don't want to forget a thing!

I guess I will start with one last ranch tidbit from Thanksgiving that I had forgotten: There is an old coffee table at ranch that is a little bit wobbly. Banner thought it was hysterical and soon figured out the source of the instability was one of the table legs. Thrilled with this discovery, he started trying to pull the loose leg off. He did this once before with our coffee table at home in Dallas. I'm sensing a furniture-destroying theme here.

All reports have Banner LOVING his new class. Apparently, they do have problems with a biter in Banner’s new room, but that kiddo is about to transition to the next level.


Last Thursday we had a party in room two. It was bittersweet because it was Brox’s last day in the nursery, and Banner’s second to last full day before transitioning. But it was still nice to meet everyone and match the babies to their parents.

Actually, when I arrived, I walked in to the room, and saw Trevor but not Banner. Almost simultaneously, I heard a loud squeal and the rapid thump, thump, thump of Banner crawling at top speed. All this happened in a span of less than five seconds; before I even had a chance to introduce myself to the other parents.

As I bent down to greet my baby, I heard one of the other moms state in a rather matter-of-fact manner, “Let me guess. Banner’s mom.”

That's right:  I'm Banner's mom!

(Love it)

The nursery party warmed my heart because I learned that Banner has a following among the room two parents. I heard story after story about how he greets all the other parents when they come into the classroom to pick up or drop off, and his various antics. Everyone commented on how much personality he has, how fast he crawls and how he always has this giant grin on his face. Several parents of the older babies even asked what class he was going to, so they could try to be in the same one when it came time for their baby to transition.

I am so proud of my little social butterfly!

Also at the party, Trevor and I discovered that they’ve been teaching Banner some basic sign language. I’ve been saying for weeks that Banner looked like he was signing to me, but his hand signals didn’t match the ones in my baby sign language book. Turns out, he knows “all done”, “milk” and “more”.

Sadly, when I thought my baby was waving at me, he was really telling me he wanted “milk”. Sigh.

Similarly, whenever he clears the tray on his high chair suddenly (and dramatically), I learned that he is really doing the sign for “all done”. Except when he does it, everything in front of him is at risk of going flying. His teacher joked that it was Banner’s way of making sure you heard him.  He adds his own exclamation mark!

We had our room seven orientation on the same afternoon as the room two party. Banner didn’t initially want to be left in the classroom once he saw mommy and daddy, so we brought him to the meeting. Banner and I sat at the head of the table, and my baby brought the meeting to order by banging on the table repeatedly. But after a few minutes, Banner decided we were boring and was more than happy to go back to and play with his buddies.

I took my intern by Banner's school last week so she could meet him. We only planned to stay for around five minutes, but when it came time to leave Banner started to wail. He has NEVER cared when I have come or gone before, but all of a sudden he felt very strongly about the situation. It was agonizing to watch him try and crawl after me with tears streaming down his face.

Luckily, one of the other teachers helped distract him long enough for me and my intern to make a quick exit. I secretly watched him from the hallway, though, and was happy that he recovered quickly and was soon back to playing with his friends.

My sister set up the train set in the living room over at dad's house.  Amy actually thought Banner would just sit quietly and watch the train go around in circles, and was genuinely surprised when my very mobile almost toddler went all Godzilla on its a$$.

Shocker, right?!  Ha!

Banner now holds on super tight - especially when he doesn't want to be put down or laid in his crib for  the night.  He also gives the best hugs.  His teacher, Angela, confessed to almost bursting into tears when she dropped him off in the toddler room for the first time, and he turned around and hugged her tight.  He is going to be a heart breaker, that one.

Angela also told me that she pulled a big tub of toys out of the closet last week, and Banner crawled over and started making this "uh, uh, uh" noise [think: valley girl with attitude] as if he were saying, "You've been holding out on me"!

Shockingly, Banner HATES the snot sucker (sarcasm).  Actually hate might be too kind of a word.  He sees it and crawls away as fast as he can.  And because he hates it so much, it is impossible to make him stay still long enough to use it.  A couple of weeks ago, I accidentally made his little nose bleed after he jerked his head away just as I was positioning the sucker inside his nostril.  He shrieked, I cried.  It was a mess.  Now I make Trevor do it.

I did learn a little trick, though.  A&D is wonderful for soothing little chapped noses this time of the year.  I just dab a bit on when he is heading to bed, and his little schnoz looks so much better in the morning.

On Saturday (December 15th), Banner took his first three unassisted steps.  I had literally JUST left the house.  Here is the text conversation that transpired between me and my husband:

Trevor:  "Banner just took three steps.  But he won't do it again."

Me:  "What? No!!!!"

Trevor:  "I held him up and let go.  He stood for about five seconds then took three steps and went to the ground on his own."

Me:  :(

Trevor:  "You should be happy for your boy!  Amy is over here trying to get him to walk so she can see it before you do.  Don't worry.  He is not cooperating."

Rest assured:  Banner did not walk for Amy.

Actually, after those first three steps, he refuses to walk for anyone.  I think he is on strike.


The weird thing is that my father was JUST telling me last week at brunch that the mother always misses the first steps.  I feel jinxed.


Banner LOVES to eat out at restaurants.  We always get lots of comments on how good and well behaved he is (honestly, we've just been lucky).  I think it mostly has to do with all the new things to look at and study.  The busier the eating establishment, the better.

We took the little guy to Dallas Heritage Village's CANDLELIGHT a week and a half ago to help get us all in the holiday spirit.  He loved it.  So much to see!  I carried him around for most of the trip, but eventually he did end up in his stroller while we waited in line to buy some kettle corn.  I thought he would just fall asleep in there (it was past his bedtime), but instead he proceeded to play peek-a-boo.  Problem was that none of us noticed until my sister just happened to see his sweat shirt jerk suddenly away from his face. Poor baby had been playing by himself for who knows how long.  He was very excited when we finally noticed and started yelling "Boo!" back.

Speaking of peek-a-boo, Banner will play it regardless of whether or not he has something to hide behind.  Sometimes he just covers his ears with his hands, like that constitutes hiding.  Then, all of a sudden, he pulls his hands down to his side and looks up expectantly with an excited little smile on his face.  Melts my heart every time!

He is also a champ at holding his own bottle and sippy cup.  Although, truth be told, I still like to snuggle with him while he eats and pretend he is still my little baby.  Trevor makes him feed himself, but sometimes I hold the bottle for him. You know...for old time's sake.  Banner doesn't seem to mind.

I've been working on a scrapbook of my little dude's first year.  I am still in disbelief that I nearly have a one year old.  This year has gone by a warp speed.

At least he is still small enough to be
bathed in my mother's kitchen sink!

Several of my friends are pregnant and due in 2013.  I spent the weekend catching up with a couple of them and it made me feel a little nostalgic.  It is funny because I distinctly remember being absolutely miserable this time last year.

I've also advised expecting couples to go to a movie, because I haven't been to one in theaters in MONTHS.  Except going to a movie during my third trimester was awful.  I couldn't breathe and had hot flashes.  And, yet, a year later THAT is my advice:  Do something that I couldn't do a year ago when I was in the same situation!

I guess that is why people have more than one child.  Time not only heals all wounds, but makes you remember even incredibly uncomfortable situations fondly.

Clearly, I've lost my mind.

[Shakes head]

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