Wednesday, December 05, 2012

We feed him. I swear...

Sinking to a whole new level, Haskell hate half a box of powered Similac and two thirds of a container of whole wheat, organic baby oatmeal while Trevor and I were at work today.  He pulled it off the island in the kitchen.  We leave Banner's supplies up there all the time, but Haskell has never shown any interest in them before today.

That dog has no shame.  No shame at all.

(And, no.  He is not starving.)

Screw baby proofing.  We need to Haskell proof.  It is only a matter of time before he figures out the pantry door.


That corgi :) said...

well I guess it could have been worse; it could have been something potentially harmful to him, like chocolate. I think our corgi would do the same thing if he could climb up that high since he's so food motivated but when we aren't here we crate him (which is only for short periods of time since I work at home, never more than 4 hours top and its a good size crate so he has room to stretch and sleep :)


Deals On Wheels said...

We used to crate him all the time, but finally put it away because it took up so much room. But his latest antics are making me rethink my decision. All of a sudden, Haskell thinks everything on the island in the kitchen is his once we close the door. Bad dog! :P