Saturday, December 29, 2012

The day AFTER Christmas was really Christmas take IV. And it was fabulous...

...and the Christmas snow lingered!

Trevor had to work on the day after Christmas, so it was just Banner and I for much of the 26th.

We spent the morning sleeping in, playing with all of his new toys, napping together and snacking on leftovers.  It was fabulous.  

One of Banner's favorite features on his new walker is the phone receiver.  He loves to answer it, and hand it to one of us (as if the call is for us).  It is just funny, though, because Banner has never seen an actual phone WITH a receiver in his life.  Only mom and dad on their iPhones.  But he watches us play with his phone, and knows that he is supposed to put the receiver on the side of his head.  He just doesn't know where, exactly.  Sometimes it is on his ear, but it is just as often on his head or neck.  He also mimics the way we talk into the receiver.  Only difference is that he never hangs up the phone.  Just kind of throws it down like he is exasperated.  But if you hang it up for him and it rings again, he will stop EVERYTHING to answer it.  

Not even a year old, and already a slave to the tele. 

Favorite shot of the day!

The dogs are terrified of Banner's walker.

Playing with the dump truck Grandpa Buddy gave him.

In the afternoon, my mom came into town and I took Banner to meet up with Grammy Pammy, Uncle Adam and Amy for a late sushi lunch.  Then, afterwards, we all returned to my house for another round of Christmas cheer with my mom (the weather the day before had prevented us from visiting her in Cedar Hill and opening presents at her house as planned).

We exchanged the rest of our presents, snacked on more leftovers, drank some wine, played with Banner and all of his toys FOR HOURS and - once Trevor got home from the office - watched THE DARK KNIGHT RISES while sitting around another great fire in the fireplace.

I loved every second.  It was like a bonus Christmas.

Since Banner had multiple Thanksgivings, it only seems appropriate that he have multiple Christmases, too.  After all, these firsts in life only happen once.  Best to drag them out and enjoy them for as long as possible.

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This is my life so far said...

Loved the snow pics. I only got a few. But then we dont really have a yard. ALSO LOVE your pics of Banner he is getting soo big. I have not seen him in forever!