Friday, December 21, 2012

First day in the TODDLER ROOM...

Today was Banner's first full day in the toddler room.

(Sniff.  He is officially no longer a baby.)

By all accounts, Banner was excited about making the transition permanent.  When his new teacher, Ebony, took him back to the nursery yesterday, he cried.  The toddler room just has better toys.  Not to mention an indoor jungle gym.

A jungle gym that both Banner and Brox can climb UP on without issue.  However, when it comes time to slide down the slide or climb down, they freeze up.  Apparently, Banner did use the slide...once.  Ebony thinks it might have been by accident.  There haven't been any repeat performances.

But I digress, Trevor was dropping him off and was impressed to see him sitting at the little table in the room like his classmates.  IN A CHAIR.  Seriously.  When did he grow up?  I'd include a picture, but it clearly has the faces of three of Banner's little classmates in it.  I tried to blur their faces out, but the end result involved faceless creepiness.  I couldn't handle it.  Instead, use this image by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge to get the general idea.  Except substitute babies for dogs, toddler-friendly snacks for cards and sippy cups for beer.  Because this is exactly what it looked like.  Mostly.

Photo credit HERE

My mom and I dropped by at nap time for a peek, and saw Ban napping peacefully on his cot next to his BFF, Brox.  It was the cutest thing.  And to think I LAUGHED when they told me Banner would be taking a two hour nap a day.  Those teachers work MAGIC.  Now if I could only duplicate this fabulousness on the weekends, we'd be set.

And, finally, here is Banner's first piece of "art" from the Toddler Room.  Clearly, he has his heart set on a white Christmas.

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That corgi :) said...

Wouldn't you love to "have" to take a 2 hour nap a day?? I know I would :)

I think the new room seems to be the perfect fit for your little one!