Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Between Babies: Early spring edition...

Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 09:06:05 -0600
Subject: Re: Waz up?!
From: Nathan
To: Banner

Hey Banner,

Four or five months to figure out crawling! Why did I wait so long to start trying? I am going to be stuck in the baby room and all of my friends will have moved on. What have I done to myself? I mean, rolling is okay, and my dog still can't roll over, so I have something on him. Maybe my mom will be happy if I'm not crawling until then at least. She and my dad are always talking about needing to start baby proofing the house. I don't understand it; why they want to keep babies out of the house? I'm already in the house. But, I did figure out how to get this water stuff out of my sippy cup. It's not bad, and it does help wash down the avocado that my mom seems to love feeding me lately. I still prefer chewing on the bottom of the cup to drinking from it, though.

I think that your mom is pretty sneaky if she would give you celery and call it bacon. My dad assures me that celery is definitely not bacon. Not even close. I have to be on the lookout for dirt; I get to sit on the swing on the patio with my dad on the weekends, so I'll have to ask him to give me some dirt the next time we are there. Who knows, if mom's not around he just might indulge me.

I need some tips about daycare stuff. It seems that I have been getting into trouble a lot lately. Last week, Zoey leaned over to me during story time and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I assumed that this meant she wanted to be my girlfriend. So, the next day, when they put us in the stroller for our afternoon walk, I put my hand on her leg. But, then my teacher said "no PDA, Nathan, " and she separated us. It wasn't so bad because I got to sit by Tanner, but they told my mom and dad all about it. I was so embarrassed. But, I don't understand because if Zoey wants to be my friend, why can't I put my hand on her leg? Then, on Monday we got a new baby in our room. He is much smaller than Zoey and he has this amazing curly hair that sticks out. Well, yesterday afternoon we were put in our stroller again and Camden was next to me so I decided to grab his hair to get a closer look at it. My teacher told my parents I was a bully for pulling his hair. Well, I didn't think I was pulling it; I just wanted to see what made it stick up. It seems I just can't do anything right, but I don't know what I am doing that is wrong?

One bad thing about getting Camden in our room is that Katelyn has moved up to the next room. That means that Tanner and I are the oldest ones left. My mom is starting to get worried about me having to move to the toddler room before I can walk. I'm just worried about Tanner moving up without me. He's my best buddy. And, without him to watch, I don't think I'll ever learn how to crawl or pull up or anything.

Banner, I think that your mom shouldn't be too worried about getting tubes in your ears. My cousin got them, and she stopped having ear infections. I guess it would mean not eating any more of the yummy cherry medicine, but at least that wouldn't make your tummy angry any more. I guess that getting them in might be scary, but my cousin couldn't tell me anything about that; she doesn't remember. But once you have them, it seems to be okay. All the same, though, I hope you don't get any more ear infections. Those are miserable.

Stay cool,

Date: Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 5:04 PM
Subject: Re: Waz up?!
From: Banner
To: Nathan

Hi’a, buddy!

Don’t worry about moving up to the Toddler Room before being able to walk. I did, and it really wasn’t a big deal. In fact, it motivated me to figure out the walking thing quickly so I could keep up with everyone! I can toddle with the best of them now!

I feel you on the whole girl drama. My girlfriend from the Infant Room just graduated, and her parents requested that she be in Room 7 with me. Which is kind of cool, because our gang is almost all back together again. Except she can’t walk very well yet, and I don’t want to sit next to the slide all day. I don’t mind sitting next to her, however, at snack and meal time because I can totally steal her food when she’s not looking. On Monday, I ate nearly all of her goldfish. Then, the teacher caught me red handed, and moved my chair so I couldn’t reach her food anymore. I mean, what is the point of having a girlfriend if you can’t eat their food when they aren’t paying attention?

Also, I figured out how to take off my clothes a couple of weeks ago, and I strip whenever I get the itch or see an opportunity. Everyone says this is “bad”, but I don’t see why. Clothes are hot and scratchy, and being nakey just feels so good! Mom’s really freaking out because last week I almost figured out how to take off my diaper. She’s kind of fine with the whole nudist thing as long as the diaper stays put, which – in my opinion – kind of defeats the whole reason to be nakey in the first place. She totally doesn’t get me, man.

School really frowns upon the whole nakey thing, though, so mom has stopped dressing me in t-shirts. Instead, she keeps shoving me in onesies that snap in the crotch. Doesn’t she know I can’t undo those snaps? I can still get my pants off, but I look ridiculous running around in a baby leotard with my socks pulled up and shoes on. Onesies are totally cramping my style.

As for hair, I don’t have any so I totally don’t get what the big deal is. Mom has a lot on her head, but doesn’t seem to find it as funny as I do when I pull on hers (moms can be such buzz kills sometimes). But the BEST is daddy’s hair. Get this: he has hair on his CHEST. Weird, right? And, when I pull on it, he whimpers like a little girl. Mom and I think this is hilarious! That guy is an absolute riot! He keeps the whole family in stitches. I hope I grow up to be just like him.


Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2013 16:58:17 -0500
Subject: Re: Waz up?!

From: Nathan
To: Banner

Hi Banner,

So, the mirror baby and I have been friends for quite a while now. But, I still can’t figure him out. I need some help; here’s the deal: The other day my dad and I were playing with him while sitting on the floor with my old crib mirror. I could see the baby and my dad in the mirror. I looked up to my side, and sure enough, there was my dad. But, I could not find the baby. I found him in the mirror again and then I tried to look behind the mirror, but he wasn’t there. I looked to the side of the mirror, and no baby there. Finally, I laid the mirror on the ground. Sure enough, the baby was in the mirror, but when I looked under the mirror, still no baby. I can’t figure it out. Where is this kid? Where does he go when I look away from the mirror? And, why is it that I can see my mom and dad in the mirror and find them when I look away from the mirror but not this baby?

I’ve had some good advances in my diet lately. My Dad now gives me yummy fruits like apples and blueberries with my oatmeal in the morning. It must be some sort of exotic brand, too, because Mom calls it “ferrous apples.” Mom also started sneaking me these things called “puffs” about a week ago. She didn’t tell my dad about it because she was afraid he’d stop her. But, I think I’ve gotten good at eating them and she even showed my dad that I was good at eating them and he warmed up to the idea of giving me big boy food. So now, after I finish my lunch and dinner I get puffs to play with. It’s super fun to see how many I can hold at once. The problem is that they don’t all go in my mouth at once because they stick to my hands once I put my hands in my mouth. I know you warned me about sticky food, but puffs aren't sticky until after I drool all over my fingers. But, I have to put my hand in my mouth to eat them because otherwise I miss my mouth and they fall in my lap or in my high chair. I’m just glad that my dog hasn’t gotten any of my puffs yet, he may stalk my high chair for scraps once he realizes that I’m eating such yummy food up there.

Thanks for the tips about getting better at walking after going to the toddler room. So, far, though, I am still thinking about crawling. I have not made any progress, though. I can only hope that if I keep throwing myself forward when I’m on my knees that eventually it will work and I’ll keep moving. So far I’ve only wound up flat on the floor. It’s totally not fun. I have, however, figured out how to turn corners when I’m rolling. I can do a whole lap around the couch. It’s been lots of fun to roll around while Mom is reading me a book and then all of a sudden my Mom has no idea where I am. My dad thinks I will just skip crawling and so he's trying to teach me to do something called pulling up. It's not so easy unless he helps support me on the way up. For some reason my feet just don't know where to go so that I can stand.

My daycare is starting something called “Spring Break” tomorrow. I am not sure what it means except that Mom and Dad said that they will be taking vacation to stay home with me. I hope we do something fun on my first vacation. Do you get a spring break?

I hope that your girlfriend problems get better. I think I would want my girlfriend to share her food with me. However, I am done with girls for now. I decided they are not worth getting tattled on every time I get picked up from daycare.

I bet my mom would have a fit if I figured out how to take off my clothes. I agree though, clothes are itchy and scratchy. I try to roll away every time Mom changes me out of my pajamas and gets me dressed for school. Maybe crawling would be a faster way to escape. Here's hoping I get there some day.

Take it easy my nakey friend,

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