Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Paddy's Day Weekend...

It is insane to me that it has been a year since THIS POST.  So much has changed!  Last year, we went to the parade and celebrated my last weekend of maternity leave before returning to the office.  Banner was only 12 pounds, couldn't roll over yet and - if you can believe it - had even LESS hair than he does today. 
Cut to twelve months later, and my little guy is a mobile, high-energy toddling mess.  It is seriously amazing how fast kids grow, change and develop. 
Just like last year, we rang in St. Patrick's day with the always "family-friendly" Greenville Avenue parade.  Don't worry.  We left before Snoop Dog took the stage. 
Here are some of my pictures:
Because nothing says "family-friendly" like
a little marijuana in your Texas flag! 

People watching.

Buying beer with daddy.

Possibly the cutest (and smallest) baby there.

There may have been some beer...

In hindsight, Trevor TOTALLY should have dyed his
beard green like the guy in the background.

All tuckered out.

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