Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reading with Grandpa Buddy and the thing about the mints...

In other news, my dad stops by to see Banner at school after physical therapy (he had back surgery in May).  His visits usually involve Starbucks mints.  As in:  My dad offers and Banner gladly accepts.

Well, my dad was unaware that Banner knew how to sign.  Much less that Banner would always sign "more" after taking a mint from the tin and eating it.  As a result (I am assuming that getting more mints was the impetus), Banner has learned his new favorite word:  "Mo" (more).

Now dad's biggest problem is breaking the mint-"mo" cycle.  Especially, since Banner follows "mo" with "peas" (please).  No wonder grandparents spoil their grandkids.  They are being completely manipulated by adorable little mint-seeking tyrants!

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