Thursday, July 18, 2013


OMG.  The figs, y'all.  THE FIGS.  We have so many.  And the temps around here for the last five or six days have been in the 70s and rainy.  It is like summer went on vacay and spring decided to sub in for a few days.  You just don't see anything in Texas but oppressive heat this time of the year.

BUT...back to the figs.  The cooler temps and extra rain have made them soooo sweet and juicy this summer.  Banner and I eat them right off the tree every afternoon.  It has been divine!
(Well, except for the dogs who STILL, after four years, cannot responsibly dine on figs without making themselves ill and...well, explosive.  Stupid dogs.)

One afternoon's haul.

I've been telling everyone I know to come over and grab them before the season is over (or the birds and squirrels take 'em first).  But, so far, there have been enough for everyone (and thing).  My neighbor took a giant bag last week to make preserves, Alba and her sister each filled a sack, my mom claims to have helped herself to "several pounds" on Monday, I brought in a bunch for a fig-loving coworker and my brother left the house last night with two grocery sacks full to make fig chutney this afternoon.  We've had figs out the wazoo!

Best fig summer EVER.


Heather said...

And what are your shipping rates? ;)

Deals On Wheels said...

Haha! I'd gladly ship them for free!