Friday, June 20, 2014

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Trevor is a GREAT dad and FABULOUS cook.  And cooking takes time and a lot of effort.  I know this mostly because I am a terrible cook and it STILL takes me a lot of time and effort to do it badly.  I figure if all that time and effort has to be expended anyway, Trevor should do it so at least the final product is edible.  This isn't always the case with my concoctions. 

Plus, Trevor works nowhere near where we live.  In fact, his office so far away that they have different weather patterns over there.  He once had a ferocious thunderstorm at his office in Lewisville, and it was a perfectly sunny, cloudless day at mine.

So, when I say I do the lion's share at home, it is because it takes Trevor's commute takes, on average, 60-90 minutes each way.  Mine is closer to 20 (45ish if I have to drop off or pick up Banner along the way).  Additionally, some of the things that I do daily - like pick up after the dogs - is virtually impossible for Trevor to help out with during a good part of the year (i.e. in the winter, because he leaves before the sun rises and gets home after the sun sets). 

Really, the only point of contention from my last post (at least in Trevor's mind) revolves around who bathes Banner more.  Which is a stupid argument to have, because the hardest part of giving Banner a bath is GETTING Banner IN the bathtub.  For some reason, the kid is generally opposed to taking a bath.  Probably because he knows it signals the beginning of the bedtime routine.  The kid never wants to cuddle until he knows it is almost bath time, and then he is full of hugs and snuggles for his mama.  The sad thing is that it always works on me because I'm a complete sucker - AND HE KNOWS IT.  When the cuddle time doesn't work?...He starts telling me, "Mama pretty".

Kryptonite.  The kid has me wrapped around his little finger.

So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Trevor ends up getting Banner IN the bath more than I do, because he is apparently immune to the bewitching cuddles and compliments from our adorable two year old son.

But getting the kid in the tub and actually giving him a bath are two different matters.  Take Monday, for example.  Banner is in the tub, Trevor is on lifeguard duty and I'm in the adjoining guest room folding two loads of laundry. 

Trevor:  "Hey, can you watch him for a second?  I need to run to the restroom."

Me:  "Sure."

I proceed to finish folding the clothes while watching Banner splash about from the doorway between the bath and bedroom.  When I finished, I lathered the kid up from head to toe, rinsed and conditioned his hair.  Once he was all clean, I watched him play in the water with his boats for a bit before draining the water, drying him off and wrapping him in an oversized bath towel. 

It was only then that I realized that Trevor has been gone much, much longer than "a second".  Annnnnnnnd where did I find him?  Watching TV in the living room.

In Trevor's defense, he was watching the US beat Ghana in the World Cup.

Which brings me back to my side of the argument, last week it was the Spurs in the NBA Finals.  Before that, there were the NBA and NHL playoffs.  And don't forget the Texas Rangers!  In fact, between the Mavericks, Rangers, Stars and Cowboys, there are AT LEAST 338 games a year that one of his teams is playing.  And a bunch of others that he has to watch as well because OMG, SPORTS!

In other words, stuff like this happens all the time.

But none of this in any way changes the fact that Trevor really is a great dad.  And I'm not just saying that.  He really is.  Plus, for the record (and despite the story I just told), Trevor really does bathe Banner more than I do.  It gives me an opportunity to catch up on other things (i.e. laundry, watering outdoor plants, feeding dogs, cleaning up after Banner's dinner, bill pay, etc.).

Trevor actually referred to these things last night as "my chores".


But sometimes?  And by "sometimes" I really mean "most Saturday mornings"?  Yeah, that's Banner and Daddy time.  Because, "Shhhhhhhhh...mama sleepin'".

And, you know what?  I totally am.  I earned it.

(Because seriously, Trevor?  CHORES?!?!)

Happy weekend!

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