Monday, November 02, 2009

Another reason why I hate Monday...

This morning I had to honk THREE TIMES at a lady stopped at a stop sign in front of me. There was no reason why she was stopped (beyond the obvious stop sign, of course), except for the fact that she was using the pause in driving to put on her lipstick and mascara. Why she couldn’t pull over and/or park during this activity (or, heaven forbid, put on her makeup BEFORE getting in her car) is beyond me. So is the reason why she didn’t immediately start driving again after the first “friendly” honk from another motorist waiting to go through the intersection. Instead, she continued applying her makeup while I waited (some what) impatiently behind her. And when she finally started moving again? Yeah, she totally flicked me off.


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Grammy Pammy said...

People are getting "stupid-er" by the minute!